The Nutrition of the Racing Pigeons

In all countries, knowledge about the nutrition of the racing pigeons has been revisited many times. Bringing argument between nutritionists &  veterinarians on who has said or discovered something first. Let’s be clear, the nutrition of the racing pigeons is a subject that will feed our thought over and over again, unitl perfection. But meanwhile […]

History of Improver

A brief background This very concentrated product, a solid buffer of organic acid and inorganic salt, was originally developed to improve health conditions in European pig and chicken breeding. The aim was to develop an environmentally friendly growth-promoter as an alternative to the prevailing abuse of antibiotics. The goal was to optimise the health of […]

The Effect of Improver and AntiFungal

The effect on performance Greater zest for flying, vitality and improved condition are observed in racing pigeons that have been given Improver in their drinking water. Research on pigs and chickens indicates that this is probably due to: -stimulation of natural bacterial flora and natural resistance -stimulation of enzymes, and more efficient absorption of nutrients […]

Questions and Answers

The most frequently asked questions from customers: Q: How does it work? A: Improver is an organic acid that penetrates the membrane of disease-causing bacteria, and kills them. Unlike antibiotics it does not kill the “good ones” (i.e. the lactic acid bacteria). On the contrary, Improver stimulates the good ones thereby improving nutrient uptake from the […]

The Moulting Season

The Moulting Season

Use of Improver and AntiFungal in the moulting season The moulting season starts right after the racing and breeding season, and is often referred to as the off-season. This is of course not the case, for dedicated fanciers there is no off-season. And the moulting season is just as important as the rest of the […]

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Our world-wide patent protected product Improver is superior to Apple Cider Vinegar and other Vinegar products due to: 1) Better efficiency towards pathogenic bacteria; for some strains up to 10 times the efficiency.(Meaning that the bacteria’s MIC value is achieved at 10 times lower dosage)E.g. to achieve the effect of 0.5 gram, you need 5 […]