“What a real noticeable difference with the health and race condition of my pigeons when i started using the Pigeon Vitality products, fantastic”.
Richard Young / 1st Open SNFC Shorest Inland Race Newbury. 320 miles. 3,328 birds, liberated at 7:00am light E wind. 6.5 miles on the wing, velocity 1418 yards per minute.

“My team of old and young birds where absolute min conditon throughout the racing season thanks to the great natural products from Pigeon Vitality”.

Billy Bilsland / 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Open SNFC YB Race Leicester 228 miles 1839 birds liberated at 12:00 om NW wind, 5 miles on the wings velocity 1st bird 1285 yards per minute.
“Been using Pigeon Vitality products for the last 5 seasons and in that time I have won 133 national diplomas”.
Peter Keogh / 1st National SNRPC Arras - 3rd National SNRPC Troyes - 8th National SNFC Roye - 11th National SNFC Burdanne - 11,14,27,36,51 National SNFC Ypres - 14th National SNFC Reams - 2 seasons he has won the SNRPC National averages
“Big Thank You to the Pigeon Vitality Team. Like all sports science it’s constantly evolving, stay ahead of the game. #EveryPercentageCounts
Macaloney Pigeons / For the last 3 seasons we have been experimenting with their products, and in our 50 plus years history we have never put 4 seasons back to back as Good

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