“All year round my pigeons are on Pigeon Vitality products. They are always in super fit condition when racing, its healthy pigeons that win races”.
John Duthie / 1 Open SNFC Gold Cup Race Alencon 573 miles, liberated at 9:30am SW wind, 13 hour wing, velocity 1202 yards per minute.

“My team of old and young birds where absolute min conditon throughout the racing season thanks to the great natural products from Pigeon Vitality”.

Billy Bilsland / 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Open SNFC YB Race Leicester 228 miles 1839 birds liberated at 12:00 om NW wind, 5 miles on the wings velocity 1st bird 1285 yards per minute.
“I tried the Pigeon Vitality products for the first time this season and t results speaks for themselves. I am amazed at how well the pigeons preformed”.
Tam Blair / : 1st & 2nd Open SNFC Longest Inland Race Maidstone, 388 miles. 4,855 birds, liberated ay 6:00am W wind 8.5 hours on the wings velocity 1314.02 & 1314.06 yards per minute.
“What a real noticeable difference with the health and race condition of my pigeons when i started using the Pigeon Vitality products, fantastic”.
Richard Young / 1st Open SNFC Shorest Inland Race Newbury. 320 miles. 3,328 birds, liberated at 7:00am light E wind. 6.5 miles on the wing, velocity 1418 yards per minute.

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