Written references! 

After years of correspondance with fanciers from all around the world, it became obvious very early that our products satisfy  greatly the need for natural health in the pigeon sport. Our products  are beneficial for health and thereby breeding and racing performance.
For many pigeon fanciers, is now more easy to keep their racing pigeons healthy through the racing season by following the application as presented in the new «Pigeon Vitality’s Health and Performance Package»
We will now display  some l of the testimonials on products form the «Health and Performance Package» sent by thankful people.Thank you for trusting our products and the quality of results they provide. Please contact us if you have any inquiries or questions.

2023 references

Hello Pigeon Vitality
This past racing season my pigeons using your products do this results:
In the club (24 fanciers) 
  • 3° overall 
  • 2° in Sprint 
  • 1° in middle distance 
  • 11° in long distance
  • 2° Yearlings 
Sector 5 group I (around 95 fanciers) 
  • 2° in sprint 
  • 2° in middle distance 
  • 11° in long distance 
District (833 fanciers) 
  • 74° in long distance
In the club my pigeons score 9 times first price around 500 pigeons in 18 races. 
  • 3x on sprint 
  • 3x in middle distance 
  • 3x in Yearlings 
And in the race of 2022-908 Paderne (Dia Acda) I score the first pigeon on in the hole district against 29001 pigeons. 
I can’t race without your products, any more for me Belgamax and Rebuild powder for recuperacion is the best, Progut for the two succeeding days after race is indespensable and Oxy-B is the vitamin that i give to my youngbirds. 
And broncho plus in this time of the winter in the rainy days is a product that is indispensable on my loft. 
In the next few days I will make a purchase in your online shop. 
Have a great day of work, Marco Morales

2022 references

Ace Pigeon Provincial All Round 2022

“Pigeon Vitality always make the difference.”

Ace Pigeon Short Distance Z. Est´2022

Results from the Provincial Championship Middle Distance’22

2021 references

In the supplementation we use Pigeon Vitality products with huge successes from day one, namely the Improver + Anti Fungal throughout the year and several times a week, we feel that the pigeons are always very healthy and allow the use of antibiotics is reduced to zero. Mainly in the preparation of youngsters and in the long distance it is fantastic.

We vitamin with Multivitra, also several times a week, which we understand to be a very complete and high-yield vitamin, in a few days we use the oils (Omega 3 and Lecitina Oil with the Pro Gut (Pro and Pre-Biotic) and the L-Carnitine- Magnesium-Calcium Complex that can work for recovery or for race preparation. Recovery and preparation is very important. of long-distance races every 15 days, with the PV products we managed not only to recover the pigeons very well, but we also started the preparation for the next race right away.

With PV products the probability of success is just around the corner, try yourself!

– João Pedro Marques

Handling in the photo 9726
Youngsters Gold, Silver, Bronze Ring in club Sociedade Columbófila de Montijo 2021 power by Improver + Antifungal 
1st National Ace Pigeon Long Distance 2021
Coeficient 4,44
4st Alcoleia 609 Kms – 1123 Pigeons
15st Tarrazona de la Mancha 611 Kms – 2414 Pigeons
10st Calatorão 714 Kms – 2096 Pigeons
4st Valência 725 Kms ( National Race) – 802 Pigeons
2st Valdefiero 748 Kms – 750 Pigeons
results sent for the national title

Result from Portugal National Champion Long Distance 2021:

A wee while back I wrote to you about PigeonVitality’s Improver.

I was having problems with Paratyphoid in my stock loft. So asked about Vitality Improver. 

You gave me some info on stopping this disease within my loft. I didn’t inject for the disease or use antibiotics. What I’ve been doing is – everyday using Improver at the standard dose. This right through the breeding period. For the first time I’ve not had a Paratyphoid incident. I put it down to the use of Improver. 

Kindest regards 

William D. Bell, UK

Some selected 2019 references

Jan Hasselstrøm, Dan 11 – an acknowledged Danish fancier always on top in the National Championships

Field Test Denmark 2019

“I was surprised when I saw the results from this analysis- next year we will surely use BronchoPlus every week in the racing season!”

Read the full report 

Jensen & Brakstad, 068 Frederikshavn

November 1, 2019

V.Azevedo – Flying since 1952

My experience with Pigeon Vitality products is the best. I have knowledge of all products range in the last 7 years. What distinguishes the PV products for the rest, is the quality and consistency of them, the same effect when we use all over these years.

Reporting just for the last years, we won several times middle distance, and major championships, composed by short, middle- and long-distance races. We have several Ace-Pigeons in all distances all over these years, and top results in international derby’s and races too.

The PV products keep the pigeons on excellent condition to compete year after year with top results. Since I used PV products, I verified that the health of the pigeons is always on top, consistency, which is the most important thing in this sport.

Like usually say to pigeons fanciers when I recommend PV products…”Same products, same effect, same results”.

Best Regards

V.Azevedo, Portugal, Flying since 1952

February 15, 2019

Testimonial – Jeff Mawbey

The first year I started buying your Improver and AntiFungal, I separated my young bird team by nest mates when weaned, one half the nest mates where treated as I had in past years, the other half was put on your schedule using Improver and AntiFungal,…

Read the rest of our newest testimonial from Jeff Mawbey here

July 5, 2018

“Fantastic products for the birds health. And bringing your bird into top condition and I wouldn’t be without them.”

Thomas Blair / Via Facebook Feb 23. 2018

“I used your canker product to great effect. Excellent product! The anti-fungal product is super as well!”

Engelbrecht Pigeons / Via Twitter Jan 13. 2014

“Very good products… Well balanced. Both for performance and yearly maintenance… Appreciable…”

Sujit Chakraborty / Via Facebook Jan 12. 2018

Improver and AntiFungal the best!!!”

Nicole Deldoc Batol / Via Facebook Feb 21. 2018

“They are in top condition… I know by looking at my bird’s they seem to be a far stronger looking bird on it. I have been given my bird’s Pigeon Vitality from December last year and they are bouncing out of their skin the aviaries. They haven’t been out flying yet because of the bird flu that is going about, but I can see a big difference in them being on the Pigeon Vitality products. I have a 2003-year-old, hen and she is going on like a yearling way thanks to the Pigeon Vitality products.

James Quigley / Via Facebook Jan 12. 2018

Hello Frode,

I hope all is well and you had a successful season?

I’ve been very impressed with your sponsored products that we have used exclusively during the 2015 breeding season. The youngsters grew up very well and strong!

The results have also been very good and I believe the use of your products have contributed to achieving top results on a consistent basis in various OLRs this year.

Attached is a montage of our latest two aces in Romania in the Dracula OLR last week – We achieved 1st and 3rd Ace pigeons with a team of 3 pigeons there. Please feel free to use this image on your website or other promotions with my recommendation to promote your products.

Kind Regards,

Hennie Kallmeyer

My Youngsters have a outbreak of coli and Adeno

I ad 1 cap. Tri-coli stop and the result is good.

When I can use another cap.

Werner Janssens

Horizon Express.

Ny god sæson i 2013 med produkter fra Pigeon Vitality

Thomas og Povl Pedersen

Vi har i de seneste to sæsoner anvendt det fulde program fra Pigeon Vitality og har begge år vundet det store mesterskab på Fyn. I år blev det desuden til Langflyvermesterskabet sport og åben samt Mellemdistancemesterskabet åben. Flere duer er i ES-duerækken og et bevis på, at duerne har været i så god form, at de i flere uger har været med helt fremme.

Vi oplever en super vitalitet og hurtig restituering efter hver flyvning og har ikke haft én eneste syg due. Det nye produkt TriColi-STOP blev anvendt på enkelte duer i slutningen af sæsonen,  med fine resultater til følge.

Vi har hermed fundet et komplet program af tilskudsprodukter til fornuftige priser og vil også fremadrettet anvende dette program. Det er nemt at anvende og vi er overbevist om, at duerne får de nødvendige vitaminer til at klare weekendens flyvninger – og som brevduemænd er det en rigtig god fornemmelse.

Læs gerne om voresbrugaf Pigeon Vitality produkterne på www.top-brevduer.dk under ”sådan gør vi”

Med venlighilsen / Best Regards

Thomas & Povl Pedersen

Dan 013 Svendborg

2013 – Another great season with products from Pigeon Vitality

In the past two seasons we have used the complete program from Pigeon Vitality, and both years we have won the major championship on Fyn. 

This year we also won the Longdistance Championchip both cathegories, (sport and open), and the open Middledistance Championchip. 

Severeal of our pigeons are among this years Ace – pigeons, proving that pigeons with excellent condition manages to compete in the top week after week.

We experience super vitality and rapid recovery after each flight and have not had a single sick pigeon. At the end of the season, we used the new product Tricoli-STOP on some of our pigeons, followed by good results

We have found a complete line of supplement products, at reasonable prices, and will also continue to use this program in the future. 

It is easy to use and we are convinced that the pigeons get the necessary vitamins to cope with the weekend competitions – and as a fancier that it is a really good feeling.

Please feel free to read more about how we use the products at: www.top-brevduer.dk below ”Sådan gør vi”

Best Regards

Thomas & Povl Pedersen

Dan 013 Svendborg


Todo perfecto,muchas gracias. Estoy muy contento con sus productos (kit de muda) algo ha cambiado en mi palomar, me alegro mucho de haber decidido utilizarlos, tengo que reconocer que a la calidad de sus productos hay que sumarle su profesionalidad,desde Fuerteventura-Islas Canarias attment;

Manuel Velazquez Santana

Our test loft for Pigeon Vitality Products  (Jensen-Brakstad, Denmark) where all pigeons are raced following the Pigeon Vitality product schedule,

achieved amazing results last weekend.

The loft is located north in Jutland (Frederikshavn). The pigeons were released in Henstedt in Germany at 06:00 am, and with a distance of roughly 400 kilometers and slight south-east wind, they were expected home 4-4.5 hours later.

The loft clocked two early birds 3 hours and 42 minutes after the release at a speed of 1828 meter per minute (mpm). The performance resulted in  1st and 2nd position in the region (mid-and north Jutland) in competition among 2567 pigeons,  close to 70 mpm before next bird in the region. What a great performance!

World Champions FCI , Mira Portugal 2013

FCI World Champion winner «Killer Bee», Mira Portugal 2013. Bred by Lindberg/ Walente, flown under the name of Jan Lindberg, Norway.

While breeding and feeding «Killer Bee», the parents «Wilton Schallie Golden Boy» and «Smurf’s Baby» were given no medicine cures, only Pigeon Vitality products. No medicines are needed to breed a World Champion Winner!

The breeders were given Oxy-B twice weekly -, MultiViTra twice weekly – on the food,

3 – 4 days they were given BelgaMax – and the rest of the week they got Improver and AntiFungal – in the water.

This is an unbelivable experience for us, we had to re – check the result list several times, – was it really Jan Lindberg on top? Were we looking at the correct result list etc. After getting the same answer several times, we dared to believe it. Oh boy we were happy, goosebumps, thrills, smiles and laughter characterized the rest of the day.

I want to share a good news with you and all fanciers.

On July 13. 2013, I won the 5th prize from a racing of about 380 km (Tuy Hoa – Saigon).

I am very excited and happy that this is the first time to get in top 10, enclosed please find some photos that we took from the Pigeon’s club.

The pigeons got TriColi-STOP 3 days before the race.

Best regards



Here is my experience on Tricoli stop, Improver and Antifungal.

The Improver and Antifungal were familiar to me. I have always used  them when the young pigeons got diseases. I do not like to use antibiotics, that’s why I choose Pigeon Vitality products.

This summer I have had problems in the loft. Old pigeons flew about half an hour, and the young birds were not able to fly at all. And the competitions were coming. My situation wasn’t looking good.

I contacted the Danish office of Pigeon Vitality and ordered the products. Fortunately I got the products next day.

I gave one TriColi-STOP to each pigeon. I came back to the loft about four hours after that and let the pigeons out to fly. I was surprised when the pigeons were flying more than two hours, both old and young birds.

I was so happy and called Mr. Martin Hansen and I thanked him a lot for the awesome products.

A couple of days ago we started racing With the first race of my young birds flew 113 km in 1016 m/min and the next race 85 km in 1156 m/min.
I give my birds Improver and Antifungal every day and once a week  MultiVitra and Oxy-B.

Best regards,
Ismail Haji

Another brilliant national winning performance for a Pigeon Vitality customer.

1st and 2nd Open in the Scottish National Flying Club from Maidstone (630 km) is Tam Blair from Stirling.

Tam’s pigeons are kept in excellent condition and in peak racing form throughout the season thanks to Pigeon Vitality’s 100% natural range of vitality supplements.

Congratulations Tam a fantastic win.

Gebr. Pouw with 6th NPO Orleans

They had a super race from Orleans 532 km – a tough race postponed so the pigeons was 4 nights in the basket – liberation Monday June 24th!

Gebr. Pouw race widowers and theyONLY treat their pigeons with TriColi-STOP from Pigeon Vitality! 

The pigeons are given 1 capsule every 3-4th weekend – Saturday evening just after the pigeons are fed.The pigeons are always given a TriColi-STOP the weekend before a one day longdistance race.

Congratulations with your great results!


Hi Martin.

I have tested the TriColi-Stop by taking a crop swap on 3 pigeons and then recording the results. All 3 had mild canker (3/10 severity) and have never been treated before.

We then gave them TriColi-Stop and tested them 1 hour and 20 minutes later. All 3 were clear and I saw a few dead canker/tricomonas floating around.

We are very impressed with the product!

It is really amazing how well it worked and I did not believe it was possible to clear canker so fast!!

Best regards,
Robert Swanepoel
South Africa


What a fantastic performance from Ricky Young of Darvel H S this weekend. 1st Open, 1st West Section, 1st Region F in the Scottish National Race from Newbury 325 miles (525km).

No fancier has ever won a Scottish National race in the West side of Scotland since way back in 1977.

Ricky treated his pigeons 5 days before basketing with Pigeon Vitality’s TriColi STOP capsules to bring them into peak condition, he said they were in super form before and even after coming home from the race.

A brilliant performance. Who knows you too could win a National race with Pigeon Vitality’s winning natural products.


TriColi-STOP works perfect!

We have now been using it for 4 weeks – all with topresults!

Last weekend 2nd NPO Laon Afd. 9 against 24.529 pigeons!

This weekend again 10, 49, 50, 52, 54 etc. from Nijvel against 7.325 pigeons!

Best regards,

Comb Roos vd Kamp

Gebr & Pouw share their great-experience with tricoli stop

Last week I had an E-Coli outbreak with my youngsters, I tried various treatment methods, but nothing worked.

But when I gave each youngster a capsule TriColi-STOP, the E – Coli problem was gone within 24 hours.

Two of my club member also had problems with E – Coli in their youngsters.

I gave them a TriColi-STOP capsule and all the problems with their youngsters were gone, also within 24 hours!!

So I’m very happy for the advice you gave me about using TriColi-STOP

Best regards,

Louis Pouw


Good day

I’m a breeder of fancy pigeon from the Philippines.

I just want you to know that im very satisfied with the results of my breeding, since I use IMPROVER, ANTI-FUNGAL, BELGAMAX AND OXY-B, my birds breeds easily with high hatchability rate ang I seldom have diseases nowadays (the only disease i have nowadays is ONE EYE COLD). I also started to give my birds TRICOLISTOP.

More power to your company, and keep on producing quality natural products.

By the way, the reason why I choose your products is that I had a near disaster season, when my fancy pigeons, mostly German beauty homers and Bokhara trumpeters, when i acquired a diseased bird. I tried several synthetic medicines, but the more I gave it to them, the more their situation worsens.

Suddenly they died one by one. That’s the time I have to make a tough decision, abandon the mainstream treatment on treating diseased birds or focus on strengthening their immunity and normal intestinal flora (since the moment I gave them synthetic medicines they all developed diarrhea).

As a medical doctor, I knew that prevention far outweighs the cure, and the moment I gave them medicines, my birds will have to recover twice, first from the disease, second from the effect of the medicine.

Now my goal is to spread the good effects of your products to other fanciers here in our country, currently, one of the biggest breeder of fancy pigeons is already using your products with great success.

Again, more power to your company.




Hej Martin,
Kan du ikke sende mig flere TriColi-STOP?
Der er et par stykker mere i foreningen, der gerne vil prøve det.
Super produkt det virker aldeles fremragende!

Mvh. Flemming Bojsen, 0111


Hi Frode,

My name is Mark Raubenheimer from South Africa and I am a constant user of the Vitality products which were introduced to me by a friend a few years ago. I have experience an amazing vitality and zest for flying since then, and I am the current champion in KZN. I consider the success in the pigeon races to be complex, but indeed good birds products used correctly is part of the picture.
I have experienced in particular two great events,

1. I flew and won the first 8 positions in our Combine in 8 SECONDS in a race from ERMELO 375 KMS for the young
birds. Never been done before. I am the current champion in KZN .

2. In a 750 km race, the race point being Bandelierskop in the northern region towards the Zimbabwe border Messina. It is a very tough course with many mountains, and during the race the pigeons will cross the Tropic of Capricorn and experience 3 different climate changes .Very hot to cold to as they approach the coast humidity. The terrain is rugged and very rural . Many falcons to hijack the birds en route.
I achieved 1st., 2nd and 3rd prize amongst 1400 pigeons in this race, and more convincing, and these three birds all clocked within 10 minutes.

I will certainly continue using the Pigeon Vitality Products.

Mark (raubenheimerl.m@telkomsa.net)

Just to let you know that the using Improver and Antifungal work very good at my Racing and Breeding Pigeon!  I use both Products together every Sunday and Monday specially after strong Races the Pigeon re very quick and are in good Training Form. For the Breeding Pigeon the Products are also main products for the Youngster development especially to prepare the Youngsters in a good immune system and good condition when I send them to the One Loft Races. Your Products help to keep the Pigeon in good Condition and prepare them for the stress at the Transport and new Loft very good. I use also BelgaMax one time a Week also MultiViTra only at the Breeding Pigeon but the coming Racing Season I will drive the whole System! I trust the Products and see the Results at the Pigeon!

Thanks a lot also for the assist with the plan how I can integrate the Products in my System. It is important to understand how the Products work optimal!

All the Best for 2013

Best Regards

Thorsten & Finn Leon Daum

FCI World Champion 2010


“Vi har gennem de senere år brugt Improver og AntiFungal med stor succes. Vi ønsker ikke at give så meget medicin, og har med anvendelsen af disse produkter oplevet en utrolig sundhed hos vores duer og kun en enkelt gang i flyvesæsonen givet medicin mod gul knop.

I år har vi også anvendt de øvrige produkter fra Pigeon Vitality, hvor Belgamax har været helt fantastisktil at restituere duerne efter flyvningerne og har sammen med Oxy-B og Multivitamin sørget for, at vi harkunne sende vores duer uge efter uge.

Denne sundhed er en væsentlig årsag til at vi vandt det Store Championat på Fyn, og det er helt klart at vi også i de kommende sæson vil anvende produkterne fra Pigeon Vitality”.

Th. & Povl Pedersen, 013 Svendborg


Vi har brugt Improver i de sidste 10 år med stor tilfredshed.

Spesielt er vi fornøyd med duenes sunnhed wekeend etter weekend.

Venlig hilsen

Jan Bo & Søren Bo Brøbech 115 Grenå.

Brdr. Brøbech 073 Skanderborg.


Vi har brukt Improver og AntiFungal siden produktene kom på markedet. Duene våre har hatt en super sunnhet og en  fantastisk flyveform. Dette har gitt en rekke topplasseringer, noe som de fire siste årene har resultert  i at vi har vunnet det norske allround mesterskapet hele tre ganger”.

Mvh Snorre Lindberg og Marianne Walente (www.lindbergduene.com).


I am in the white dove release business. I release birds at weddings, funerals, and other special occasions. My birds have to be in good flying condition, feel good, beautifully feathered, and snow white in order to put on an attractive show and display at these functions. Before I put my birds on Improver and Antifungal it would take a couple of days before they were energetic enough to fly at another function. Now, they want out of the loft the next morning and take off flying immediately. I realize that they have to be in top condition to do this but first they have to be healthy in order to reach this level of condition.

On another note, I put my breeders on a daily dose of these products 30 days before I put my nestboxes back into the breeding loft. Within 30 days, every pair had laid and hatched every egg all within a few days of each other. This has never happened before.

Thanks for your wonderful products”

Charles Sonnier, www.heavenlywingss.com


Thought you would like to know that Ron got his first ever winner up last weekend and boy was he excited – he couldn’t wait to call us and say thank you for helping him and advising him about your product – so we are passing on his thanks to you. We have a race tomorrow from 200 miles north of us (or 320 Kms) good weather is predicted and our grandson is racing in the Junior Derby and will race for the Junior National next weekend.  Kevin and he have put in a lot of effort this year and he is coming 2nd in the club and 3rd in the fed point scores

Take care and Talk Soon



Faunty talks highly of the Belgamax and as these pigeons race every week, your products work just so well – In our own Union Faunty is leading in the points in the Open competition consisting of 100 lofts and is 2nd and 4th in the Young bird section.
We have 550 pigeons in our national loft at the moment – we are still 4 birds out from our race yesterday.
We race every Wednesday – if you log onto the www.one-loft-race.net��and click on lofts and scroll down to National Loft South you can follow the race as the birds arrive home.  You will also notice many more lofts around the world on the same site using the Benzing One Loft system.  There are 4 One-race-lofts in SA using this system – Allflight, Dinokeng, Sanpo National Loft South and Sanpo Klapmuts Loft down in Cape Town.
Will keep you informed of our progress and thanks for your support.

South Africa

Dear Sir,

Have been using your products for the first time this season. I been very impressed by the way the birds have been racing and recovering after each race.

Yours in sport
John Bell

Bien le bonjour ,

J’emploie AntiFungal depuis un an et j’en suis très , très content.
J’ai conseillé à plusieurs amis  vos produits.
Je vous enverrai des adresses  pour envoyer vos publicités.

Jean Somme

Hi  Pigeon Vitality

Just a short note. I am Christopher Schutz, South Australia, Australia.I have bred top level show Kings now for 28 years and have always wanted to keep them at peak condition and to maintain a stud of Kings at peak condition and disease free status takes a lot of work and care. Kings the world over have a well known predisposition to Salmonella. It is not known why but it may be a feature of a recently created breed (last 100 years) which has predisposition built into it from other breeds used to make the cross.

I have used your Improver on and off for some years now. In recent times I have seriously started using Improver consistently every day for the last six months.  My birds are currently the best I have ever seen them, for this time of the year and I have no clinical signs of leg soreness or leg joint issues. Having tried a myriad of products over the years, I have come to the conclusion that Improver is in fact, the reason why this has occurred and why the birds have such good health. It is a magic product and it does work. I have proved this with my show birds. Without hesitation, I recommend this product to any one who is serious about pigeon health and any show pigeon breeders who want that top level of protection from general pigeon disorders like Salmonella.
Thank you for supplying this product to the worldwide market. I have written this from just coming in from the loft tonight and have nothing to gain except my birds are very healthy and I am happy about that.

Kind regards

Christopher Schutz
Master breeder, Show Kings



Hello Folks,

Your IMPROVER is just great.
What’s a good winter schedule for using Improver for the breeders?  Improver sure has made a difference in our birds performance. I’ll always use it in the future.

Take care now,
Ed Dunne


I am buying your products and I am very satisfied from them.
The representative company in Spain is “Borras Palomas” from Calig ( Castellon ).
My pigeon have more vitality and I lose much less pigeons in the competitions.

Yours Sincerely,
Juan José from Menorca ( Baleares ).



Dear sir

I use your products antifungal and improver twicea week, two level scoops too five liters water old birds and young birds.
Do I need use Para stop as a preventer on my birds?.
I have been using your products for three month now and my birds are looking good and are winning.

Yours in sports,
a.s.robertson, Aberdeen

Hello !

I have a breeding stud. I deliver youngsters to other members in my club and abroad.
In group 8, Ingvar Kluge was champion with young birds this year. Birds from me was two times first and two times number two to Kluge.
They arrived together with number 1 and are registered only a few seconds behind number 1. Nr. 11152-09 was group winner with 1962 meters pr. minute: the fastest bird in our group this year.
My birds have ring numbers from 11106 – 11165 – 09. In Poland has Marian Bagnecki and Adam Kozlowski, Gdansk, raced very well with youngsters from me. 11150-09 has been number 1, 32, 197 og 284 in 4 races. Approximately 2500 birds on each race. This pigeon was overall number 2 in the Gdansk-area.
About 400 members races  in this area. I use Improver in the water every day when the birds are breeding.
My birds are healthy, and droppings look good.
I think Improver give the youngsters a good start in life, and I have already havereservation for 60 youngsters next year.
My customers are very satisfied and have all order new birds for the next season.
They will all be delivered with my rings so that I can follow them at the result lists. I claim that they race with them so that I can check the quality of my breeders.
I therefore sell them good due to the good quality and pedigree.

Best regards,
Geir  Jondal


I vostri prodotti li sto già usando da un anno con molta soddisfazione, consigliato da Pietro Celli.
Appena esaurita la scorta provvederò a farvi l’ordine. Quanto tempo occorre per avere la consegna?



Yes, no problem for the product in the links.
I am a great user of your products, I like them very much!

Ciao from the Norwegian in Italy!
Rocco Toscani
via pereta 17
56040 Casale Marittimo (PI)


How are you doing? And your pigeons?
The first races of the youngsters have started and the results are hopeful.
Nijvel, 110 km 328 yb: 1,2,20,26,27,29,32,37,53,59 RCC 1894 : 2, 18, etc
Pommeereoul 140 km 366 yb. 2,14,15,21,23,76,82,88,89 RCC 2044 yb 25,65,66,110 etc

Regards / Groetjes,


Hier ist der Link zum Flug Angouleme/Vierzon 2010
Brigitte & Manfred Ritterbex erringen den 1., 2., 3., … National Angouleme / Vierzon 2010.
Manny und sein Traumstart in die Weitstrecke, so könnte man titeln. Im letzten Jahr noch richtig erfolgreich in der RV und in diesem Jahr schon auf dem Weg zum Olymp der Weitstrecke. Weiterlesen, festhalten und Zunge schnalzen liebe Leser. Am 11. Juli 2010 startete der Flugleiter Raymund Hermes um 6.20 Uhr den Nationalflug Angouleme. Allerdings musste dieser Nationalflug wetterbedingt auf Vierzon verkürzt werden. Somit hatten die 605 eingesetzten Tauben von 49 teilnehmenden Züchtern noch 523km vor der Brust.Um 12:23:21 Uhr und mit schnellen 1399.667 m/min. wurde die erste Taube National in Gangelt bei Manfred Ritterbex erfasst. Das gehämmerte Weibchen 09887 08 345 ist wahrlich kein unbeschriebenes Blatt, denn sie errang bereits den 7. National Limoges und selbst als RV Programmtaube flog sie 9 Preise und diese fast ohne Ausnahme mit Spitze. In ihrer Abstammung findet man, sowohl väterlicher- als auch mütterlicherseits, den Stammvogel “720” als Großvater. Die Linien sind Meuleman über Willi Dohmen sowie Van Dyck über die SG Heuter.Auch der zweite Konkurs National wird um 12:24:02 Uhr von Brigitte und Manny Ritterbex errungen. Dies bedeutete gleichzeitig der 1. Konkurs National “Jährige”! Auch dieser jährige Vogel 09887 09 501 hat sich als Jungvogel mit dem 1. Konkurs ab Epernay 255km schon gewaltig in Szene gesetzt. In seiner Abstammung findet man ebenfalls den Stammvogel “720” als Ur-Großvater, die restlichen Ahnen gehen alle auf die Linien Van Dyck und Prange über SG Heuter zurück.

Manfred Ritterbex,


Ich benutze Improver seit ich Brieftauben habe,
bin 2 x 1. Jugendmeister im RegV 100 geworden .
2006 + 2007
2004 + 2008  die Silbermedaille
2007 die Goldmedaille
2007 habe ich meinen ersten  1. Konkurs geflogen.  aus dem  Osten :
Meine Besten  –  W-02352-06-449   –  2008 – 12 /  11 Preise
die Tochter von 449 – 04046-07-44   –  2008 – 12 / 10 Preise ( 3.beste in der RV )
V-03431-06-201 -bl    –   2008 – 12  /  9 Preise
W-06337-05-1000-geh –  2008 – 12  /  9   Preise
2006 aus dem S-Westen  12 / 10 Preise
Als  Jugemdliche Züchterin in der RV 100

Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Nadine Dunz


I am satisfied with Improver for some years because I do not like the remedies of antibiotics.
The young birds had a very hard competition last week on Bourges.
Do you think that Improver and Fungal are sufficient for a quick recovery ?
How many days ? I want to play 300 km on Saturday.

Sébastien Casaert




Mes pigeons vont très bien, je vous remercie.
Ils boivent de l’eau avec Improver depuis 2 ans et depuis peu avec AntiFungal.
Vos produit sont super, les pigeons sont en superforme grâce à Pigeon Vitality.
Encore merci et en plus ce sont des produit naturel

Leclercq Eric


I have a good news for you..I used pigeon vitality last summer race that was april-may
Not bad to have a 6th oak and few birds always on top 10 and peak condition..
Hopefully this coming south race 25yb I will compete this coming 2009 for south season and a special race up to 680km 4yb I will race..
I will update you again using this 2 supplements..

Paulo Cris Salazar
The Philippines

Dear Pigeon Vitality Representatives,

First let me say that I love your products, Improver and Antifungal.  I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer on your website.  Is it completely safe to give both of these products to pigeons that are feeding newborn babies?  Thank you very much for your time!

Best Regards,
Nick Kowalchuk
New York


My birds have never been as healthy as they are this year. I am using AntiFungal  & Improver seven days a week. 
I say again,  I have not had a team of birds as healthy in my 35 years of being associated with the pigeon game.

Jerry Vernon
6837 Russell Ave So Richfield, MN 55423


Last year 2009 south race season. I started using P.V products, the samples you sent to me.
My racers fly in natural system then separate the cocks and hens 7months up to avoid mating.
Using P.V products makes my loft is free from all diseases..

I won price like
4th O.A Champion old bird category
1st Calbayog 465km 86b – o.b
2nd Tacloban 566km vs 187b – y.b
3rd Naga @ 250km vs 650b – y.b
4th,6th Legaspi @ 327 vs 589b – y.b / o.b
7th matnog @ 388km vs 120b – o.b
Thank you P.V products..

Kind regards,
Paulo Salazar
The Philippines


I must thank you for the great products.I have had my best breeding season in 20 years.Do I use the fungal and bird Improver during the moult? have a great Christmas

Donald Saunder
South Africa


I received the product from Mr. Tony Rodgers…… I love the stuff!!!!!!!
Over the years I have watch the product somewhat change…… 1st it was a grayish moist preparation…. then it was a brownish moist preparation….. now I see a brownish dryer preparation. So, I can say while other products live in the past….. yours evolves; always looking to “improve.”I will keep in touch and let you know.


Mike Pelaez

Good Day

My name is Newton September and I race my pigeon in the Western Cape, South Africa. I have used your improver & antifungal throughout the moulting season and I must admit this has been the best moult I have ever had. My birds feathering this season is just fantastic and the health in general has been good.

Kind Regards,

Newton September
South Africa

Good afternoon!

I would like to inform you that the one loft race “As pigeons” has been completed.
I have raced 2 teams of 3 birds each in partnership with my friend Tzavos. We participated the race under the name Tzavos – Kiriakou and we won first and second price for the teams(out of 34 teams in total).
Also we won the title for the 4th Ace pigeon out of 700 birds competing in this race. The organizers are very satisfied from the use of the products Improver and Antifungal. The pigeons flew all five races with success and limited losses. The arriving pigeons were reaching the lofts in groups of 40-50 in every racing day. Especially for the final race, because of the distance(395km) and the age of the pigeons(4 months), everyone from almost 300 fanciers present, was expecting the first birds to be a small group of 3-5 pigeons and the other to keep coming also in low number groups. It was a surprise that the first team arrived in the best possible time running the distance with 1330 meters/min, while the weather conditions were 43% hum. and 31 degreeCelc. It was a group of 48 birds and then very shortly a second group of 60 that arrived. The losses were again extremely low for the Greek situation and the type of the race.(28 from 382 ). Everyone had something to say about the good health and the condition of the pigeons. Following days I will photo the birds that won the first prices and I will make an advertisement promoting the results of using the Vitality products when breeding and racing pigeons.

Best regards,



We got a win – club only as yet doing 1506 with 2nd doing 1504 and 3rd 15 meters after that so the little Pommie Blue Hen did not do a bad job – she went about 2 streets past and I picked her up as she broke from a kit of about 5 pigeons and she trapped like a rocket – never looked like circling – Kevin is to say the least very pleased – Her mother won the same distance last year.  Tonight the birds go to Tasmania and Kevin has been teasing the little red hen with her mate from last year – they have had a couple of day canoodling in the centre pen – so hopefully we have done enough – we know she will do it – it is all up to how much she wants to get home to her mate – will let you know how we went in the Fed as soon as the results come in. Now we have them thinking properly is there anything else we need to do – the next six weeks are the most important with all the big money races and our National.

Kind Regards,


Thought you might enjoy this results while on Improver and Anti-Fungal (also attached and I fly under Diamond Loft):

WinSpeed-1 Spokane Racing Pigeon Club 08/30/09-20:20
Weekly Race Report Page 1
Open and Sportsman Category
Name: ATHENA B Young Bird Race Flown: 08/29/2009
Released: 09:00 Birds: 395 Lofts: 11 Station: ATHENA
Weather (Rel) Clear, S @ 5, 67 degrees (Arr) High OC, S @ 5, 67 degrees
Light winds along course
1 Diamond Lo/40 166 AU 09 AUGY BB C 11:45:46 148.107 00.00 1572.438 108
2 Diamond Loft 9065 AU 09 TRR BC C 11:45:46 2/ 40 00.00 1572.438 107
3 Diamond Loft 162 AU 09 AUGY BC C 11:45:48 3/ 40 00.01 1572.185 106
4 Diamond Loft 9076 AU 09 TRR BB H 11:46:10 4/ 40 00.24 1568.653 105
5 Diamond Loft 189 AU 09 AUGY BBWF C 11:50:15 5/ 40 04.28 1531.031 104
6 Diamond Loft 163 AU 09 AUGY BB H 11:50:17 6/ 40 04.30 1530.732 103
7 Diamond Loft 176 AU 09 AUGY BBWF H 11:50:19 7/ 40 04.32 1530.447 102
8 Diamond Loft 9014 AU 09 TRR DCWF H 11:50:21 8/ 40 04.35 1530.133 101
9 Diamond Loft 9068 AU 09 TRR BB H 11:50:24 9/ 40 04.38 1529.684 100
10 Diamond Loft 186 AU 09 AUGY LTCH H 11:50:35 10/ 40 04.49 1527.965 99
11 Diamond Loft 9074 AU 09 TRR BB H 11:50:46 11/ 40 04.59 1526.414 98

Steve Lawler

Just came back here in manila last week for a seminar in baguio northern part of the Philippines..

Update.. Using Pigeon Vitality 🙂
I, won 2X 1st area pool Winner takes all
1st Gumaca 130KM
1st Calaoag 147km
Club Result
3rd,10th and 16th Vs 261birds Club for the 3rd and 10th place I won a price 🙂 not bad
13th vs 157birds Club
23rd vs 155birds Area1 Result
28th vs 276 Club combination of 3 Areas
16th Tagteam (2birds) Vs 47pair tagteam > wrong pick lolz..

Kind Regards,

Paulo S
The Philippines