The Management Team

Pigeon Vitality was founded in 2001 be Dr. Frode Brakstad.

The management team of Pigeon Vitality: Frode, Else, Marianne, Martin and Jim, – are all dedicated fanciers, as well as they are specialists in marketing, electronic media, nutrients, product formulation, and chemistry. A fine combination of passion for our beloved sport and necessary competence to provide and develop beneficial products for racing pigeons. We develop products that we as fanciers need to get our pigeons performing at their best. Only after thoroughly testing in laboratories, in our and our partner’s loft, and if we see an enchanted performance result, we launch them as part of the Pigeon Vitality product series.

meet the team

The Pigeon Vitality Management team

Frode Brakstad
(2001 - )

Frode has been a fancier since the age of 12, and pigeon sport has been his no. 1 interest since then. At present, he races pigeons in Denmark together with his friend Aage Møller Jensen.

They race under the team-name “Jensen & Brakstad, 068” in the region of North-West Jutland, the section 053 of the Danish Racing Pigeon Association.

They have been very successful since their startup as the team before the 2010 season, and the years since they have been among the most-winning loft in their region concerning ace pigeons and championships, both sprint, medium distance and long distance races.

Strains are basically Louis Deleus, Flor Vervoort, De Rauw Sablon and Jan Arden (Kees de Baas), although other top birds have been introduced as well. See our articles on ad other articles on this website for the winning details.

Frode held a Ph.D. in Chemistry, and following his position as R & D manager in the Hydro Agri Animal Nutrition group, he developed and patented the Pigeon Vitality Product “Improver,” and since then all the other products in the Pigeon Vitality series.

He founded the Pigeon Vitality company in 2001, and still innovation, field experience, a good network with many fanciers and scientists all over the world, results in new performance enchanting products being launched

Frode has also always been an active person within organizational work to be done in the club, section and federation, among his positions, are the member of the board (2008-9) and president (2009-13) of the Norwegian Racing Association (NBF) and the Scandinavian Racing Pigeon Association (2012-13).

In 2012 he achieved a medal of honor for his enthusiastic work through the years at both federation – and national level.

Else Brakstad
(2001- )

Else has a grip on most of what goes on in the company, and in particular sale, strategy and products developments since the start of the company in 2001.

Her educational background is chemistry with a special depth study on nutritional matters.

Running her own activities as a human nutritional advisor, she is a library on nutritional matters and a useful source for the ongoing product development and as provider for R&D references on birds and pigeons.

Else is married to Frode and do help in the administration and training of the racing pigeons of Jensen& Brakstad.

Amy Xiang
(2013 - )

Amy is responsible for the development of Chinese market since the July 2013.

She just graduated in 2012, and then worked at Stanley works. After one year’s working, she quit her job and decided to do something on her own. She begins to start pigeon business when she was in college as a translator. Now it has been four years since she begin to helpEuropean fanciers sell pigeons to China.

Jim Savage
(2013- )

Jim joined the Pigeon Vitality team in February 2013. He is responsive for business development, marketing and sale particulary in the UK market.