BronchoPlus™ – field test 2019

We asked our test loft in Denmark (Jensen & Brakstad, Dan 068) to do a systematic test this season on our product against respiratory diseases. Their reported a significant increase improvement in racing performance the weekends following treatment with Broncho Plus.

Their report is summarized for the 10 middle-distance races which count for the Danish Middle Distance Championship.


Although the performance trend was falling through the season due to high burden of few pigeons and falling motivation, their performance was significantly the weekends following the use of the natural Broncho Plus for treatment of respiratory diseases. In fact, giving Broncho Plus Monday and Tuesday (2 ml / liter water) gave 15 more points in average than the other weekends. In the other weekends other products against respiratory were used, but without any significant effect. From their experience and the input from other top fanciers using Broncho Plus on weekly basis., they will next year use Broncho Plus on weekly basis.


Their recommended Pigeon Vitality Health Schedule in Racing Season

From their experience, the following weekly health program is recommended in the racing season to reduce performance drop due to spreading of pathogenic bacteria (Improver & AntiFungal), canker (TriColi STOP) and respiratory diseases (BronchoPlus):


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