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Veterinarian test TriColi-STOP™

THE EFFECT OF AN ORGANIC ACID COMPOUND ON INFECTION OF THE CROP WITH TRICHOMONAS GALLINAE IN RACING PIGEONS REPORT ON THE ADMINISTRATION OF ONE CAPSULE – SLIGHTLY MODFIFIED FOR CONFIDENTIALITY REASONS. Identification of the Test Facility and Investigator(s) for bacteriological examinations: Test Facility: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent University (UG) Dept. of Pathology, Bacteriology, Avian […]

BronchoPlus™ – field test 2019

RESULTS Although the performance trend was falling through the season due to high burden of few pigeons and falling motivation, their performance was significantly the weekends following the use of the natural Broncho Plus for treatment of respiratory diseases. In fact, giving Broncho Plus Monday and Tuesday (2 ml / liter water) gave 15 more […]