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Gebr. Pouw Share their Great Experience with TriColi-STOP

Gebr Pouw

Hello Martin, Last week I had an E-Coli outbreak with my youngsters, I tried various treatment methods, but nothing worked. But when I gave each youngster a capsule TriColi-STOP, the E – Coli problem was gone within 24 hours. Two of my club member also had problems with E – Coli in their youngsters. I gave […]

Comb Roos vd Kamp with Top Results using TriColi-STOP!

Comb Roos

Hallo! TriColi-STOP works perfect! We have now been using it for 4 weeks – all with topresults! Last weekend 2nd NPO Laon Afd. 9 against 24.529 pigeons! This weekend again 10, 49, 50, 52, 54 etc. from Nijvel against 7.325 pigeons! Best regards, Comb Roos vd Kamp Hallo TriColi-STOP werkt perfect! Nu 4 weken bezig […]

External Parasites

The most common external parasites that pester our birds are feather lice, red mites, pigeon flies, and mosquitoes.  Since parasites like these can occur in almost any climate, they must be accounted for when planning a loft strategy. Feather lice chew holes into the flights or cause other types of visible damage to the feathers, […]

Worm Disease

Cause – The most common worms found in pigeons today are roundworms hair worms, stomach wall worms, gapeworms, stromglylids and tapeworms.        Symptoms – The symptoms vary with the type of infestation, and conceivably pigeons can live with slight infestations and show no ill effects. Severe infestations generally cause droopiness, loss of weight and some diarrhea. Gapeworms […]

Sour Crop – Candida, Thrush

Cause – This very common disease is caused by a fungus infection of the digestive tract. It is often associated with excessive use of antibiotics. Symptoms – Infected birds become listless, won’t eat, lose weight, develop a water-filled crop and vomit often. This vomit often has a very putrid odor. Sometimes, in laser cases, thrush will show itself as […]

Respiratory infections – Mycoplasmosis & Ornithosis

Cause – These diseases all fall into the infectious bacterial category. Coryza   is actually the descriptive term used to identify the thick mucus discharges usually associated with both Mycoplasmosis catarrh and Ornithosis. The bacteria (termed Chlamydia in the case of Ornithosis) lodge in the upper respiratory tract and can be extremely hard to completely eradicate. Often, infected […]

Pigeon Malaria

Cause – This fairly common pigeon disease is caused by a protozoan that attacks the red blood cells of our birds. It is primarily carried by the pigeon fly, which acts as the intermediate host. Random tests of pigeon flocks have shown as much as a 30% malaria rate. Symptoms – Symptoms are vague. Except for some loss of […]