Circo Virus

Circo Cirus - Causes, symptoms and treatment

Circo Virus – Cause and Symptoms.

 Because of the way this disease damages the immune system and seems to invite secondary infection, Circo Virus is sometimes called pigeon AIDS. Circo Virus damages the lymphocytes in the blood, which are closely associated with the immune system.

With damaged lymphocytes, the pigeons become susceptible to secondary infections with other viruses, parasites and bacteria. Pigeons infected with Circo Virus can also have continuing problems with diseases like respiratory infections, Chlamydia, or canker due to the fact that they cannot form natural immunities to them.

Most often, Circo Virus kills very young pigeons and strikes older youngsters that have already molted three or four flights. Birds with Circo Virus have a yellowish discharge dried on the beak, and they are very reluctant to move, thin and dehydrated, and have no appetite and difficulty breathing. But it is extremely hard to diagnose Circo Virus by looking at the birds. The signs that can be observed are typically caused by many different types of secondary infections.


Use of Improver, Oxy-B and AntiFungal while keeping the disease out of the loft by not introducing birds from lofts known to have health problems. Stray youngsters should be immediately removed if they do not look well, and try to identify carrier stock birds by re-pairing those whose offspring seem weak or die.

If the virus comes into four lofts, minimize it’s spread by taking sick birds out immediately and isolating them while giving them full doses of Improver, paying attention to on-going hygiene.

Good care, given day to day, places your pigeons in the best situation to resist infection, and gives those that become infected the best chances of recovery. The main defense against. Circo Virus is to identify and treat secondary infections, allowing the birds to live long enough for immune system to repair itself.

Probiotic help well birds resist the disease by maintaining a healthy bowel population of bacteria.

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