Field test Improver™ and AntiFungal™

Field test by Jeff Mawbey, Canada. Read the email transcript here:

Dear Frode
Thank you for the speedy reply.
I’ll pass on the suggestion to maybe use half dosage as they do consume a lot of water while feeding young.

I believe it would be a real benefit to have a Q/A part on the site, Frode, could be others wondering the same thing.

I’ll change my way of flying this year to try an experiment, I’ll start out with natural flying till I have to wean them over, I’m going to give a third of race team half dosage starting tomorrow and keep a record of the young as well as the old birds to see if I can notice any difference with the birds.
As well, I’ll keep track as to how the young that have been treated with Clearify when the parents were feeding, hopefully there is no difference in either.

I will try a bit of an experiment with 6 pair, I think I’ll give the adults feeding young, full strength and see what comes of it.
So bottom line is, one third of the race team will get half strength for four days, the other third will get full strength for four days, and the remaining third will not get a treatment at all, or at least till they have weaned their young.

I’ll keep records of all three outcomes to see if there is any difference in old bird racing and if it effected any of the young birds training as well as racing.

This is the part of having pigeons I really enjoy, trying new things to see if there is any benefit to it for the birds health in the off season as well as the race season.

I try to use natural or as close as I can get, reason I tried your products and ended up becoming a distributor.

The Clearify is the only produce I brought in from you that I hadn’t tried first before offering it up to club mates, reason is, this club member has been using your products when I first started selling them, and like me, has noticed how much healthier his birds are as well how fewer we have to raise because our losses are not as high as they were before using the Vitality products.

So ya, I’m excited to try this experiment with the Clearify and report back any findings to you.

My biggest enjoyment is watching all my birds make it home safe, winning is only the bonus, which I have to say, my birds do take their fair share of prizes in the club

I’ll keep you posted to what the outcomes are after trying what I mentioned. If you don’t hear from me, just send an email asking, sometimes I get forgetful to email back.

If in the future if you have something to try, let me know, I enjoy trying new things that benefit the birds health and sharing it with others.

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