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The first year I started buying your Improver and AntiFungal, I separated my young bird team by nest mates when weaned, one half the nest mates where treated as I had in past years, the other half was put on your schedule using Improver and AntiFungal, after the end of the young bird race season I tallied up my records for training, loft racing as well as club racing and any comments club members made of my pigeons.

The first year I noticed a difference in the two lofts, the loft I used your products in had less looses, brighter looking and more prizes and not one canker problem, the team not using your products were treated three times for canker as well as a couple times for respiratory.

 I repeated the same thing the next year with the young birds, third year I treated all my pigeons with both products for the whole year.

Not only myself, but other members started to take notice, they couldn’t believe how nice and smooth the feathering was as well as my results were climbing, it was at that time I shared with the members as to what I was using.

It’s a struggle convincing people with words, I let the product do the talking now, one by one, members are starting to see the benefits and trying the products.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, patients is the key. 

All the best,

Jeff Mawbey

BC, Canada


I forgot to mention, a couple of our race members mentioned to me that their young birds were dying for no reason, I went over to their lofts to have a look, in one loft I noticed a couple youngsters huddled in the corner, not looking happy at all, I asked if he minded if I try something that I did in my own loft last year, I gave the sick looking babies a TriColi Stop capsule each, the next day both youngsters were looking much better, they are now flying as part of their race team, the other fellow had 5 young not looking well, did the same with them, four out of the five survived to go on racing our young bird season.

Last year in my own loft, I had three go light and upchuck their food, this was the reason I thought it would be worth a chance to try.

That year I went on to win Ace Loft, O/B & Y/B as well as Average Y/B speed.

Two of the young birds that I treated, were my best Y/B’s in my loft.

Has anyone else commented on TriColi Stop as a helping product in the Young bird sickness?

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  1. joe sacco says:

    I am just trying this product Improver and Antifungel had a problem with pigeons had respitory and die .Now all is ok so far after using your product hope it helps.

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