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Pigeon Vitality

Frode Brakstad & Aage Jensen med 177Summing up the 2012 results for Pigeon Vitality test loft

Dear all:

The 2012 season has been history, for Aage and myself (Jensen & Brakstad, 053) the season turned out well, with the following championships won:

1st Open Championchip in District (section 053). This covers all races organized by our section (based on 1st pigeon in each race). The district covers roughly 50 lofts competing in the north – east of Jutland.

!st Open General Championchip in the district. This covers 2 first pigeons in all races organized by our section and all medium and long distance races organized by the Danish Pigeon Racing Assoc. (DdB).

177 wing1st in the Young Bird championship in the district. Based on first YB in all together seven YB races, the two last being 400 and 450 kilometers. From 100 YBs we selected only 13 to participate in these races, and seven of these 13 YBs participated in the two last races, i.e. flying > 850 kilometers in one week. The other 87 YBs has only been trained and are ready to do their best as yearlings next year.

2nd in the open long distance championship in the district

4th in the open long distance championship in the region (covering all lofts in middle and north of Jutland).

The most memorable district winner this year was “Den 117”. This two year old beautiful cock won the prestigious race from Giesen (770 kilomter) in the district, and got 4th position in the region (covering 1186 pigeons). A beautiful cock (se picture elsewhere on this page) from our main long distance strain based on Stenbergen from Kees de Baat.

The most challenging experience : although we have had an very good season in particular at sprint (180-250 kilometers) and one- day long distance races (700-800) kilometers, we are not happy with our results and medium distance.

We believe this has to do with a generation change in our medium distance pigeon strain, and we certainly hope to be back in the top positions in middle distance either next year or more probably in the 2014 season. We’ll see ☺ .

Nex year we will aslo for first time participate in the two days long distance races, something we really look forward to.

Wish you all the best,

Frode, Pigeon Vitality

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