Parents of Blind DateThe management Team of Pigeon Vitality all sent their YBs to the South African Million Dollar Race….and guess what: In the final last week Mrs. Marianne Walente and her fiance Mr. Snorre Lindberg got a very impressing 16th position in this 553 km (343.62 miles) race with their pigeon Dallas Texas, see:

Furthermore, our CEO Dr. Frode Brakstad got a 55th position with his pigeon Blind Date, bred and raced by Jensen & Brakstad. Blind date is a strong blue cock crossed by a cock from Thorsten Daum (from his FCI Diamond pair) and a Janssen hen from own strain. The picture shows the proud parents of Blind Date, when I told them the results of their son in South Africa. Perhaps the siblings in the eggs will participate in the SCMDPR next year?

Blind Date eye Blind Date wing

Not bad at all from the Pigeon Vitality Team…two top positions (16th and 55th) in a race with more than 9000 pigeons from the whole world! Strong build immune defense systems by the Pigeon Vitality Products is of course one of the explanations…. 🙂

Our third member of the management team, Mr. Martin Hansen, who was present in South Africa at the race, did also well with his YB Marius. Although Marius did not perform as expected in the final, this YB was among the best Danish YB in all training and hot spot races.

Congratulation to you all!!


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