The Effect of Improver and AntiFungal

The effect on performance

Greater zest for flying, vitality and improved condition are observed in racing pigeons that have been given Improver in their drinking water. Research on pigs and chickens indicates that this is probably due to:

-stimulation of natural bacterial flora and natural resistance
-stimulation of enzymes, and more efficient absorption of nutrients

Stimulation of natural bacterial flora and natural resistance

The natural bacterial flora in the racing pigeon’s crop, stomach and intestines consists largely of lactic acid bacteria. Their function is to inhibit the bacteria that cause disease (e.g. D.Marx, p.15). A healthy population of lactic acid bacteria will prevent pathogenic bacteria from gaining a footing in the organism, and stimulate the pigeon’s natural resistance. It has been documented that taking Improver has this effect. The number of immunoglobulins in the blood of pigs that have been given Improver is found to have increased. Immonoglobulins are almost identical to serum antibodies, and are used preventively against certain virus complaints. Research has also shown an effect on white blood corpuscles and phagocyte preparedness in pigs that have been given Improver (in other words, part of the body’s immunological defence against infections).
After a short time, pigeons that have had Improver added to their drinking water will be more robust and naturally resistant as a result of an improved immunological defence, which can be seen in their great vitality and buoyancy.

Stimulation of enzymes and better absorption of nutrients in feed

Research on pigs has shown that addition of the active ingredient in Improver results in better digestibility and absorption of proteins, amino acids, minerals and phosphorus from their feed. Improver stimulates the production of enzymes, which improves digestion. As a result, the plumage of pigeons is seen to gleam after a while, and the birds are also observed to eat (and need) slightly less feed than before (about 5% less). The addition of Improver will assure the young pigeons of optimal growth and development.

Because it causes improved nutrient absorption, the EU Scientific Committee on Animal Nutrition has approved the active component in Improver as a growth promoter.

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