History of Improver

This very concentrated product, a solid buffer of organic acid and inorganic salt, was originally developed to improve health conditions in European pig and chicken breeding. The aim was to develop an environmentally friendly growth-promoter as an alternative to the prevailing abuse of antibiotics. The goal was to optimise the health of the stock while calling on antibiotics only in the event of disease. In autumn 2000 the EU Scientific Committee on Animal Nutrition accepted the product as a feed additive.

Although research has been centred on pig and chicken breeding, a great deal of this research is also relevant for racing pigeons.

Improver was presented to Norway as test market during the 2000 season, prior to the international launching. Norwegian racing pigeons compete in a tough climate, flying up to 900 kilometres in a single race, and there was exclusively positive feedback from a number of users on this test. The best Norwegian ace pigeon that year (the cock 98-10939) was one of our test pigeons! Since then, many fanciers (Scandinavia, UK, Belgium, Australia, US) have already experienced extraordinary results from using Improver, including national championship winners and national ace pigeons:

There have been reports and references from several winning pigeons who have taken Improver, and who have presented very convincing victories in demanding races. Examples are as mentioned the red chequer cock, 98-10939 (owner R. Blom), who was judged the Norwegian Racing Pigeon of the Year for the 2000 season by the Norwegian Racing Pigeon Association (NBF), almost beating the second best pigeon with twice as many points! The year after a new daily user of Improver turned out to be the best pigeon in Denmark, namely the cock 077-00-0542 (owned by Erik Nielsen, 053).

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