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The most frequently asked questions from customers:

Q: How does it work?

A: Improver is an organic acid that penetrates the membrane of disease-causing bacteria, and kills them. Unlike antibiotics it does not kill the “good ones” (i.e. the lactic acid bacteria). On the contrary, Improver stimulates the good ones thereby improving nutrient uptake from the intestines and general vitality. As a consequence, the pigeon’s immunodeficiency is improved, resulting in high fertility for the breeders, healthy growth and development of the youngsters and top performance for the racers.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Yes. It is based on extensive research on poultry, fish and piglets. On all species no side effects has been observed from high overdoses. It is produced according to Norwegian Animal Feed guidelines, and is designed to be used to breeders, racers and youngsters!

Q: Isn’t it just an acidifier?

A: No. Improver is not to be confused with ordinary acidifiers, which may have a limited disinfection of water due to the lowering of pH. Improver lowers the pH, but the main effect is from the killing of disease-causing bacteria from the un-dissociated part of Improver.

Q: Is it like organic acid?

A: Yes and no. Its chemical structure is half organic acid, and half organic salt (buffer). When ordinary organic acids come into water in the gut or intestines, it dissociates and looses its disinfectant power. Due to it’s buffer capacity, Improver keeps its disinfectant power against paratyphoid,/salmonella and E.coli all way through the gut, stomach and the intestines. Extensive use of ordinary organic acids may give anemia. This is avoided by using Improver!

Q: Is it like Aviguard or similar probiotic products?

A: Yes and no. In the gut, stomach and intestines probiotics/Aviguard suppress the “bad bacteria” simply by adding the good ones (various strains of lactic acid bacteria). Improver inhibit/kills the bad bacteria, and thereby re-vitalize and stimulate the good ones. So it works in a more efficient way to improve the balance of the normal bacterial micro flora. Additionally, Improver works as a disinfectant in the drinking water (Aviguard and probiotics are not disinfectants).

Q: Is it safe to mix Improver with vitamins and medicines?

A: Improver may be mixed with any kind of vitamins, herbs, probiotics, and electrolytes and similar. However, we generally do not recommend mixing with medicines. However, mixing with the cancer medicines seem to work well.

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