The Moulting Season

The Moulting Season

Improver, The Moulting SeasonUse of Improver and AntiFungal in the moulting season

The moulting season starts right after the racing and breeding season, and is often referred to as the off-season.

This is of course not the case, for dedicated fanciers there is no off-season. And the moulting season is just as important as the rest of the year, as it is the start and preparing for the next racing and breeding season: your pigeons should receive only the best care in the moulting season.

When it comes to the use of Improver and AntiFungal, we have experienced that the optimal use for the product in this period is half dosage every day, until the moulting period is ended. More particular; add a half teaspoon (the included measure level corresponds to one teaspoon) of Improver and a half teaspoon of AntiFungal to 5 liters of drinking water.

This will keep the pigeons healthy in this demanding period, although the moulting period is stressful to the birds. Furthermore, research has shown that the addition of the patent-protected formula of organic acids to the drinking water gives an better uptake of the necessary nutrients and in particular the important trace elements.

Other recommendation for the moulting period: AntiFungal

  • Pigeons should get lots of rest over this period.
  • Separate the sexes if possible- it has been proven that pigeons of which the 2 sexes have been separated moult better and faster than otherwise.
  • Avoid hard training- the fact is that a pigeon will moult slower when training to long.
  • If possible, let the pigeons out for flying around the loft once a day.
  • Let them have a bath, at least twice a week.
  • Use feed suitable to the moulting period- green feeds, Linseed, cod liver oil, pellets containing essential amino acids, in particular methonine and lysine should be added to their food on a daily basis (daily grit and minerals is a must). Note that many pellets intended for chickens may be a very good feed supplement in this period (add roughly 20%).
  • A commercial multivitamin mixture should be given twice a week.
  • Great care must be taken that all pigeons get enough food. Over this period they should not be rationed.
  • Be aware a good loft condition. The loft should always be clean and dust free and must be well ventilated. In general a pigeon needs more oxygen in the moulting season than normal to allow the pigeon to produce blood. Care should be taken not to allow drafts in the loft while trying to allow more fresh air in.

Following these recommendations will secure a strong and healthy bird with the best potential to perform the next season!

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