Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider VinagerOur world-wide patent protected product Improver is superior to Apple Cider Vinegar and other Vinegar products due to:

1) Better efficiency towards pathogenic bacteria; for some strains up to 10 times the efficiency.(Meaning that the bacteria’s MIC value is achieved at 10 times lower dosage)E.g. to achieve the effect of 0.5 gram, you need 5 gram concentrated (100%) vinegar product. As most vinegar products are made in 7 % solution, this means that you need 5 x 100/7 = 70 gram vinegar to achieve the same effect as from 0.5 gram of our product. And at this concentration of vinegar the pigeons will simply not drink the water. And if they would, it would have been an expensive product to use.

2) Improver contains Formic acid and its salts, thereby achieving a buffer effect. In this way the effect of the undissociated acid (which is the biologically active Improverpart) will in addition to the gizzard and the stomach be efficient also deep into the intestine.

3) Our research has shown an increased uptake of nutrients (5% on proteins and trace elements) by formic acid.

4) Our products Improver has been scientifically adjusted with selected B-vitamins to fit the needs of performing pigeons (youngsters growing, breeders and racers). Among the most important is B1 for apetite, B6-9-12 for condition enhancers and fast recupteration.

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