Great feedback from South Africa!

Louis Van Loon & Mark RaubenheimerHi Frode

My name is Mark Raubenheimer from South Africa and I am a constant user of the Vitality products which were introduced to me by a friend a few years ago.

I have experience an amazing vitality and zest for flying since then, and I am the current champion in KZN.

I consider the success in the pigeon races to be complex, but indeed good birds products used correctly is part of the picture. Embrodery

I have experienced in particular two great events:

5 x 1st price winner Van Loon hen, feedback from South Africa1. I flew and won the first 8 positions in our Combine in 8 SECONDS in a race from ERMELO 375 KMS for the youngbirds. Never been done before. I am the current champion in KZN .

2. In a 750 km race, the race point being Bandelierskop in the northern region towards the Zimbabwe border Messina. It is a very tough course with many mountains, and during the race the pigeons will cross the Tropic of Capricorn and experience 3 different climate changes .Very hot to cold to as they approach the coast humidity. The terrain is rugged and very rural . Many falcons to hijack the birds en route.

I achieved 1st., 2nd and 3rd prize amongst 1400 pigeons in this race, and more convincing, and these three birds all clocked within 10 minutes.

I will certainly continue using the Pigeon Vitality Products.

Mark (

Mark Raubenheimer lofts

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