Congratulations to Nigel & Ryan Laycock on their 1st MNFC Winner 2014!


Midlands National Flying Club The Louella Pigeon World – Carentan National 2014 9,645 birds entered by 941 members were liberated by Mr. French at 07:30 am, on Sunday 25th May 2014, in a light Southerly Wind. Race & Gold Medal Winner: N Laycock, Womersley 1st Yearling National Carentan Classic Winner The Midlands National Flying Club […]

NEW PRODUCTS! Rebuild Powder & Capsules

Introducing Pigeon Vitality Rebuild  Pigeon Vitality have introduced an innovative product that takes the sport to the next level. A scientific formulation and selection of the best amino acids specifically selected to minimise muscle cell damage, idealy suited for ultra fast recuperation and to enhance the development of muscle cell growth in racing pigeons after […]

NEW PRODUCT: The best Quality Omega-3™ Oil!


Finally we can present our own arctic oil, made from cold pressed rape seed oil, cod liver oil and salmon oil. Dosage: 1 dinner spoon per liter grain. Essential and important for vitality and strong immune defence system, through the racing and breeding season. If given daily to the breeders, the Young Birds grow up stronger and more healthy than […]

NEW PRODUCT: Pigeon Vitality Oxy-B Liquid

Pigeon Vitality

The most important vitamins for lifting breeding and racing performance are no doubt the B-vitamins. This product contains them all as concentrates; –  enriched with selected anti-oxidants!…ready for the winter breeders! As additonal B-vitamins is known as essential for great racing performace of the pigeons, there are aslo many benfits to the breeders: B1 and B2 are […]

2013 – Another great season with products from Pigeon Vitality

Pigeon Vitality

In the past two seasons we have used the complete program from Pigeon Vitality, and both years we have won the major championship on Fyn. This year we also won the Longdistance Championchip both cathegories, (sport and open), and the open Middledistance Championchip. Severeal of our pigeons are among this years Ace – pigeons, proving […]