New Product! Turbo Flight Capsules™

Pigeons typically fly at higher speed (e.g. 100 km/hour) the first hour of the race while flying on glycogen

Turbo Flight Capsules

and carbohydrates (fats) in the blood stream and those stored in the liver. Thereafter the speed is lowered to roughly 85 km/hour (in our example) the next 6-8 hours of the race, while the energy now is gathered from the fat stored in the red muscle cells.

Results of tests show that the pigeon can obtain higher speed the first part of the race for a  longer  time ( in our example 65-70 minutes as compared to 60 minutes) if the fats stored in the blood is increased. This is the scientific idea behind Turbo Flight Oil and the Turbo Flight Capsules. While the Turbo Flight Oil only gives 10 mg oil per 10 gram grain, Turbo Flight Capsules gives 1500 mg per capsule of pure energy giving fuel!  It contains high-energy easily adsorbed fat which goes into the blood and glycogen and gives a few minutes earlier arrival than else would have been achieved.


Give 1 capsule Turbo Flight to the pigeon just before basketing. Preferably combine it with a Rebuild Capsule for optimum speed and endurance.

NOTE: Never give Turbo Flight after race or during the week, because it gives an explosive energy and the pigeons will reach their peak performance before race day and use it for training around loft and for fighting (even the hens start fighting!),  and they may be without the needed energy when race day  appear.

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