We did it again! A new Remarkable & Natural Product Discovery from Pigeon Vitality: “Turbo Flight™” – designed to increase the speed in the race !

Dr Frode Brakstad, nutritionist and CEO for the Norwegian company Pigeon Vitality (, is delighted to present for the racing pigeon community the innovative and new product discovery: Turbo Flight™

Again a product from Pigeon Vitality based on science and field testing hand-by-hand, with a great potential for the sport!

Turbo Flight increases the fat in the blood stream of the pigeon, thereby increases the time period where the pigeons fly at high speed in the first hour of the race.

Background and motivation for the development

Results of tests show that while flying on glycogen and carbohydrates (fats) in the blood stream and those stored in the liver, the pigeon can obtain higher speeds. This can be seen as shown in the illustration on the chart below:


Field testing

In the spring 2015 the first prototype of “Turbo Flight” was ready for testing. ☺ It contained selected natural fatty acids where the kcal (energy) per weight was maximized (more energy than ordinary fatty acids per molecule), and at same time the absorption from the pigeons intestines was optimal. The first test showed that 10 ml (one dinner spoon) per kilo grain was appropiate. The prototype was given to the Pigeon Vitality’s test loft in Denmark, managed by Mr. Aage Moeller Jensen. The testing was certainly better than expected and according to the scientific theory. This is the written testimonial of Aage:

“I received the bottle of the new Pigeon Vitality product “Turbo Flight™” before the season 2015. I was told to only give it to the pigeons that had to stay one night in the basket, as if they stay two nights or more, they will start to use the added energy for fighting in the basket.

Here in Denmark we race the so-called district races every weekend from mid May to mid August. As the pigeons only stay one night in the basket in these district races (100-250 km), I decided to give the new product Turbo Flight™ to these racers. As I usually put my emphasis on middle distance and long distance (both having two nights in the basket in Denmark), all my pigeon are from middle distance-long distance birds. So I am not used to win prizes on the district races. But this year turned out to be great also on the one-night-in basket-races (district races). I achieved the following results on these races:

  • No. 1 in the district overall open championship
  • No.1 in the district sport (per nominated birds) championship
  • No.1 in the overall general championship (all section+middle+long distance races)
  • No.1 Ace pigeon district races – 068-14-4596

I experienced an explosion of the pigeon’s performance in these district races, unlike what I was used to.

The 1st Ace pigeons in these district races “4596” (which is from a middle distance strain – he won already as a youngster a 410 km race) achieved the following prizes in the district in 2015:

Vamdrup 200 km (1/ 951p.),

Kolding 250 km (1/ 865p.),

Haderslev 180 km (3/ 893.),

Haderslev II 180 km (5/ 893p),

Haderslev II 180 km (5/ 804),

Kolding II 250 km (9/ 959).

What a great performance!

As my pigeons usually are best on middle- and long distance, I am not used to such performance in the district races (100-350 km). Although there are many variables playing a role in the pigeon races, I will credit the great performance in the district races (one night in the basket) of the 2015 season to the new great product from Pigeon Vitality; – Turbo Flight™. From my experience, I can really recommend this product for the races where the pigeons stay one night in the basket – i.e. sprint and middle distances.

Aage Moeller Jensen, 068 Frederikshavn, Denmark

How to use Turbo Flight™?

Based on the experience from the field testing we recommend the following:

Add 1 dinner spoon Turbo Flight™ to 1 litre grain (0.8 kilo).

Give the Turbo Flight™/grain mixture to the pigeons the day of basketing (morning and noon), basket them in the afternoon and race next day within 24 hours.

Give Turbo Flight only when the pigeons will stay one night or less in the basket. If the pigeons is not allowed to fly within 24 hours after the “Turbo Flight meal”, they will use their added energy for fighting in the basket …even the hens start fighting!


  • Preferably make the Turbo Flight™ mixture the day before it is given to the pigeons, because in this way the oil is absorbed into the grain.

For more information and please visit the website at:- , there you will find a list of the world wide resellers, and details on the complete range of natural Pigeon Vitality products and the successful racing product application schedule.

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Price: 500 ml Turbo Flight™: 40 € + VAT

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