1st & 2nd price winner München 1050 km!

Two of the new stars in 2014 from the breeding loft of Pigeon Vitality – Denmark; Jensen & Brakstad 068 Frederikshavn.

Dan 026 – 11- 415 “Black Magic” and Dan 026 – 11- 420 “Bat Girl”.

“Black Magic” (Limbourg-Denys) was the winner in the district and the group of the most prestigious marathon race from München 16th August 2014, 1050 kilometer. 2nd Ace pigeon in the district this year on long distance – marathon.

“Bat Girl” (Eric Cannon, UK) was no. 2 in the district and no. 3 in the group from München. She has raced close to 4000 kilometer in the 2014 season – what a great performance!

“Black Magic” was together with “Bat Girl” the only two pigeons in the district returning on the race day!

No.1 and no. 2, – not bad from the Pigeon Vitality loft, only basketing 3 birds for this race! Our third bird – Dan-026-12-800 (75% SuperCrack – 25% Klak Janssen) arrived Monday afternoon…so all birds well home.

Thank you Pigeon Vitality for great products, great schedule and for keeping our pigeons in super health and top condition!

Black Magic

winner München

Bat Girl

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