Congratulations to Nigel & Ryan Laycock on their 1st MNFC Winner 2014!


Midlands National Flying ClubLive the Dream 1st Open MNFC Carentan 9,645 birds

The Louella Pigeon World – Carentan National 2014

9,645 birds entered by 941 members

were liberated by Mr. French at 07:30 am,

on Sunday 25th May 2014, in a light Southerly Wind.

Race & Gold Medal Winner: N Laycock, Womersley

1st Yearling National Carentan Classic Winner

The Midlands National Flying Club opened its 2014 season with a majestic entry of 9,645 pigeons.

Saturday dawned and from the off it was obvious that there would be no liberation but with the prospects of a Southerly breeze and better conditions on Sunday the mood was very upbeat. This proved to be the case and after the nod from our three expert weather advisers. The huge convoy were liberated with no problems at 7.30am into a light Southerly wind and in a few seconds I was told the birds headed up the Cherbourg peninsula with the expectations of a very fast and successful race.

Well a fast race we expected and a fast race we got the Club’s Leader board struggled to cope at times with the massive interest that the MNFC now generates, with over 4000 viewers at the peek of the day saw the lead change like ‘a hot potato which was too warm to handle’ as the further they flew the faster the leading pigeons went.

Finally the lead stopped at an incredible 1985 yards per minute. This works out at a mind boggling speed of 67.7 miles an hour. The fancier who won the race is none other Nigel Laycock of Womersley and after several ’close shaves’ last season including 2nd Open from Tours few would say he doesn’t deserve the win.

When speaking to an understandably delighted Nigel he told me that incredibly the winner a Yearling Cock is half brother to the hen that was 2nd Open last year. Their sire being a ‘Slimmen’ cock whose own father won 1st Northern Classic from Messac and 1st section from Tours in 2011. This again proves beyond a doubt that ‘the sweetest fruit falls closest to the tree’. Aspiring fanciers would be well advised to always bear this in mind when looking for new stock. On the mother’s side her breeding is of the lines of the famous Eric Limburg ‘Black Opium’.

After this latest victory I’m sure that Nigel and his son Ryan will be high as kites on black opium because their super pigeon ‘Northern Bound’ which was twice 2ndsection with the MNFC in 2013 was from the ‘Black Opium’ bloodline.

The winning bird will also win the Yearling Classic trophy and the RP/ De Weerd sponsored Crystal Decanter which goes with it. So all in all a great days work with not one but two MNFC race wins ‘under their belts’.

Nigel proves that using Pigeon Vitality products bring his pigeons into top racing conditionJim Savage of Pigeon Vitality and a delighted Nigel Laycock shortly after his 1st Open MNFC National Win

We met Nigel in January of this year at the Blackpool show and following the introduction of our natural products to him and highlighting the remarkable results that had been achieved from using them by the 3 independent top Scottish National winners in the 2013 season, he promised to put the Pigeon Vitality products to the test on his 2014 racing team.

This was the be the first big national race from Carentan of the season and on the run up to the race Nigel commented to me that his pigeons were in ace condition and he was well impressed with the remarkable results being achieved from using the programme of Pigeon Vitality products. The feathering quality of the pigeons were just perfect and their overall vitality and condition was absolutely superb. Quietly confident, Nigel knew that he was going to be in with a great chance of being at the top of the leader board in this race.

Nigel is a real dedicated top class pigeon fancier and puts a lot of time and effort into his pigeons. A nicer man you couldn’t meet, This is his first national win and with the bloodlines and quality of pigeons he breeds and races at his lofts, with his dedication and keeping his team of pigeons in ace condition all year round, we know he will go on to win many more nationals in the future. Congratulations Nigel you are a true champion, keep up the great performances in 2014 and we trust our products will continue in helping keep you at the top of your game.

Watch out lads, is that a van load of products being delivered to Nigel’s lofts

“Thanks Jim for introducing me to the Pigeon Vitality products, I have tried many different products in my time but you guys have opened my eyes to an impressive range of products and what a big difference the constant use of these products over the past weeks has made to helping in getting my pigeons into the super form I was looking for.

Clearing the pigeons of all traces of canker and the cleansing of their  liver with the TriColi STOP capsule a week before the race and then building the pigeons up with good grain moistened with MultiVitra and Oxy-B using the Omega 3 oil alongside the scheduled speed training and fitness programme has made a significant difference to the overall vitality, stamina, speed and condition of my racing team.

I have started the young birds now on the programme of products you have recommended and already they are beginning to look great. I am really looking forward to the up and coming old bird national races and more especially excited about the young bird season ahead.

I will keep you posted in the coming weeks of my results and findings with the products Great to see you again and I wish you and the Pigeon Vitality team all the very best. See you at Blackpool in January 15.”

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