Great feedback from Canada!

feedback from Canada

The first year I started buying your Improver and AntiFungal, I separated my young bird team by nest mates when weaned. One half the nest mates where treated as I had in past years, the other half was put on your schedule using Improver and AntiFungal. After the end of the young bird race season I tallied up my records for training, loft racing as well as club racing and any comments club members made of my pigeons.


The first year I noticed a difference in the two lofts. The loft I used your products in had less looses, brighter looking and more prizes and not one canker problem. The team not using your products were treated three times for canker as well as a couple times for repertory. I repeated the same thing the next year with the young birds, third year I treated all my pigeons with both products for the whole year.

Not only myself, but other members started to take notice. They couldn’t believe how nice and smooth the feathering was, as well as my results were climbing, it was at that time I shared with the members as to what I was using, became a distributor and enjoying it. I don’t charge to make much of a profit, mainly do it because I believe in the products that they are helping our birds become healthier, as long as my expenses are covered.

It’s a struggle convincing people with words, I let the product do the talking now, one by one, members are starting to see the benefits and trying the products.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, patients is the key.

I try to use natural or as close as I can get, reason I tried your products and ended up becoming a distributor.

The Clearify is the only product I brought in from you, that I hadn’t tried first before offering it up to club mates. The reason is, this club member has been using your products when I first started selling them, and like me, has noticed how much healthier his birds are as well how fewer we have to raise because our losses are not as high as they were before using the Vitality products.

This is the part of having pigeons I really enjoy, trying new things to see if there is any benefit to it for the birds health in the off season as well as the race season.

My biggest enjoyment is watching all my birds make it home safe, winning is only the bonus, which I have to say, my birds do take their fair share of prizes in the club.

Jeff Mawbey

BC, Canada

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