New Product! Turbo Flight Capsules™

Pigeons typically fly at higher speed (e.g. 100 km/hour) the first hour of the race while flying on glycogen and carbohydrates (fats) in the blood stream and those stored in the liver. Thereafter the speed is lowered to roughly 85 km/hour (in our example) the next 6-8 hours of the race, while the energy now is […]

Pigeon Vitality Natural Dewormer™

A new revolutionary and efficient dewormer – 100% natural! What are the ingredients of the product? This great product is made mainly of fossilised remnants, which were microscopic unicellular algae living in water several million years ago. The fossilised remnants, herby referred to particles, are made mainly from silicon dioxide (SiO2) and trace amounts of […]

NEW PRODUCT! Pigeon Vitality’s L-Carnitine- Magnesium- Calcium Complex™


Increase the endurance and speed of your pigeons!  The natural and high activity L-Carnitine is scientifically proved to bring the fat (pigeons fuels) from the blood and into the muscle cells. The effect is higher speed for a longer time: – a  real must for medium, long distance and marathon pigeons.  L-carnitine also prevents muscle damage (sprain) […]

NEW PRODUCT! Pigeon Vitality Liver Clean™

Available as both Powder and Liquid! After two years intensive R&D and field-testing, the product Liver CleanTM is ready to be launched in the market! Detoxifying the pigeon’s liver is extremely important to maximize performance . Liver Clean TM It is a natural product based on herbs, and available as either liquid or as powder. […]



We did it again! A new Remarkable & Natural Product Discovery from Pigeon Vitality: “Turbo Flight™” – designed to increase the speed in the race ! Dr Frode Brakstad, nutritionist and CEO for the Norwegian company Pigeon Vitality (, is delighted to present for the racing pigeon community the innovative and new product discovery: Turbo […]

Great news from Romania!

Hello Frode, I hope all is well and you had a successful season? I’ve been very impressed with your sponsored products that we have used exclusively during the 2015 breeding season. The youngsters grew up very well and strong! The results have also been very good and I believe the use of your products have […]

Great feedback from Canada!

feedback from Canada

The first year I started buying your Improver and AntiFungal, I separated my young bird team by nest mates when weaned. One half the nest mates where treated as I had in past years, the other half was put on your schedule using Improver and AntiFungal. After the end of the young bird race season I […]

1st & 2nd price winner München 1050 km!

Two of the new stars in 2014 from the breeding loft of Pigeon Vitality – Denmark; Jensen & Brakstad 068 Frederikshavn. Dan 026 – 11- 415 “Black Magic” and Dan 026 – 11- 420 “Bat Girl”. “Black Magic” (Limbourg-Denys) was the winner in the district and the group of the most prestigious marathon race from […]