Fantastic results for Tam Blair, Scotland, using Pigeon Vitality products!

12ndopentamblair,Tam Blair

Tam Blair from Castleview Lofts (Stirling, UK), is not a “nobody” when it comes to pigeon sport, on his homepage you can read that in three seasons (2011 to 2013) he achieved a total of 77 1st prizes!

Today (09.05.17) he writes this on our Facebook page:

“Hi Jim, Result Alnawick 102 mls. 2.038 b. Ogilvie Lofts Stirling. 1st-2-4-9-10-18-23-31-32-35-37-38.

Race three brought back to Couldstream 72 mls. 1.904b. 20th-20-25-26.

Super Pigeon Vitality products

Hi Jim just a update unto now the first three races Ogilvie Lofts Stirling. Coldstream 72 mls 1.618b 1st-5-12-13-19-20-21-23-24-27-39.”

Fantastic results! Big congratulations from the Pigeon Vitality Team!


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