Billy Bilsland in British Homing World, May 19th 2017

billy_bilsland_british_homing_world_may_2017, Homing World

“The winning pigeon, a well fancied yearling winning £1,756 was timed by Billy Bilsland from Ayton on 1162 to record Billy’s 6th SNF win since 2012. When you delve into the statistics of these six National wins Billy’s tremendous record for conditioning racing pigeons at the National level is actually far more impressive than it first appears. If you consider Billy’s numerous multi-podium places in that time, Billy has had 22 racing pigeons in four years that have won or could have won Nationals if they had not been beaten by loft mates. That is something to take a moment to think about.[…] All Billy’s birds are raced on the roundabout system to keep them fit and ready for racing, however he puts their great overall condition down to using Pigeon Vitality products.”

We are so happy for Billy Bilsland’s success, big congratulations from the Pigeon Vitality Team




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