2013 – Another great season with products from Pigeon Vitality

Pigeon Vitality

In the past two seasons we have used the complete program from Pigeon Vitality, and both years we have won the major championship on Fyn. This year we also won the Longdistance Championchip both cathegories, (sport and open), and the open Middledistance Championchip. Severeal of our pigeons are among this years Ace – pigeons, proving […]

Happy message from Vietnam, First time in Top 10 – using TriColi-STOP

message from Vietnam

I want to share a good news with you and all fanciers. On July 13. 2013, I won the 5th prize from a racing of about 380 km (Tuy Hoa – Saigon). I am very excited and happy that this is the first time to get in top 10, enclosed please find some photos that […]

World Champions FCI , Mira Portugal 2013

FCI World Champion winner «Killer Bee», Mira Portugal 2013. Bred by Lindberg/ Walente, flown under the name of Jan Lindberg, Norway. While breeding and feeding «Killer Bee», the parents «Wilton Schallie Golden Boy» and «Smurf’s Baby» were given no medicine cures, only Pigeon Vitality products. No medicines are needed to breed a World Champion Winner! […]

Great Results From The Pigeon Vitality Loft DK

Our test loft for Pigeon Vitality Products  (Jensen-Brakstad, Denmark) where all pigeons are raced following the Pigeon Vitality product schedule,  achieved amazing results last weekend. The loft is located north in Jutland (Frederikshavn). The pigeons were released in Henstedt in Germany at 06:00 am, and with a distance of roughly 400 kilometers and slight south-east […]

Great Pigeon Vitality Products experience from Finland

Pigeon Vitality Products

Here is my experience on Tricoli stop, Improver and Antifungal. The Improver and Antifungal were familiar to me. I have always used  them when the young pigeons got diseases. I do not like to use antibiotics, that’s why I choose Pigeon Vitality products. This summer I have had problems in the loft. Old pigeons flew […]

Scottish National Gold Cup Winner 2013

Scottish National Gold Cup Winner

John Duthie the Scottish National Gold Cup Winner for 2013 from Dundee tells Jim Savage of Pigeon Vitality that the fantastic natural products from Pigeon Vitality are keeping his racing pigeons and stock birds in ACE condition throughout the stressful racing and breeding season. These products are a must for your young birds for peak […]