World Champions FCI , Mira Portugal 2013

FCI World Champion winner «Killer Bee», Mira Portugal 2013. Bred by Lindberg/ Walente, flown under the name of Jan Lindberg, Norway.

While breeding and feeding «Killer Bee», the parents «Wilton Schallie Golden Boy» and «Smurf’s Baby» were given no medicine cures, only Pigeon Vitality products. No medicines are needed to breed a World Champion Winner!

The picture shows the World Champions Snorre Lindberg and Jan Lindberg, holding the parents of «Killer Bee.» The father «W-S Golden Boy» is a Janssen superbreeder, the mother is «Smurf’s Baby» a Rauw-Sablon superbreeder.

The breeders were given Oxy-B twice weekly -, MultiViTra twice weekly – on the food,

3 – 4 days they were given BelgaMax – and the rest of the week they got Improver and AntiFungal – in the water.

This is an unbelivable experience for us, we had to re – check the result list several times, – was it really Jan Lindberg on top? Were we looking at the correct result list etc. After getting the same answer several times, we dared to believe it. Oh boy we were happy, goosebumps, thrills, smiles and laughter characterized the rest of the day.

World Champions FCI

At the same day we had races from Kolding (500 km) and Soltau (800 km), Suddenly it didn´t mean so much any longer, how the results of these races would be.


Marianne Walente

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