Great Results From The Pigeon Vitality Loft DK

Brakstad with 1092 and 2nd regional (left) and Jensen with the 1st regional winner 1089, The Pigeon VitalityOur test loft for Pigeon Vitality Products  (Jensen-Brakstad, Denmark) where all pigeons are raced following the Pigeon Vitality product schedule,  achieved amazing results last weekend.

The loft is located north in Jutland (Frederikshavn). The pigeons were released in Henstedt in Germany at 06:00 am, and with a distance of roughly 400 kilometers and slight south-east wind, they were expected home 4-4.5 hours later.

The loft clocked two early birds 3 hours and 42 minutes after the release at a speed of 1828 meter per minute (mpm). The performance resulted in  1st and 2nd position in the region (mid-and north Jutland) in competition among 2567 pigeons,  close to 70 mpm before next bird in the region. What a great performance!

The clocking list with the 10 first positions in the region is shown, among with the picture of 000-12-1089 (blue chequered) and 000-12-1092 (blue cock with white pens) held by the happy owners Frode Brakstad (left) and Aage Moeller Jensen (right).

We congratulate the winners with these great results!

After the realization of the great achievement from Henstedt, the partners Jensen-Brakstad started to wait for their YBs from Henstedt, released 45 minutes after the adult racers at 06:45 am.  As YB race is not the highest priority of Jensen-Brakstad, they had only sent 4 YBs to the competition. And guess what…. The first one 026-13-0520 was clocked at 11:19 at  a speed of 1482 mpm, 10 mpm before the second YB in the region. In total there were 1052 YBs competing in the region.

Below are the picture of “520” together with the happy owners, and the result lust showing the first 10 positions.  Again, we congratulate them with amazing results and two regional winners at same weekend!

Brakstad and Jensen with 1st regional winner young birds, 520

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Pigeon Vitality team

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