Ulrich Lemmens and Pigeon Vitality launch a strategic cooperation

Ulrich Lemmens is a well-known Belgian pigeon fancier who has made a name for himself in the world of pigeon racing. Over the years, he has developed a strong reputation for his ability to breed and train winning racing pigeons. People know Ulrich Lemmens through the years due to his serious approach to pigeonsport, his advanced statistics and his scienctific approach to pigeonsport.  His success has made him a respected fancier in the pigeon racing community, and he has attracted the attention of many companies that are interested in his expertise.

One of these companies is Pigeon Vitality AS, a leading producer of high-quality natural pigeon products. Pigeon Vitality AS is a company that is committed to developing scientific-based innovative products that can help pigeon fanciers to improve the health and performance of their birds. The company has a reputation for producing some of the best natural products in the pigeon sport, and their products are used by many of the top pigeon fanciers in the world.

Recently, after the 2022 test of the Pigeon Vitality products and their effect on the race performance, Ulrich Lemmens and Pigeon Vitality AS represented by the owner Dr. Frode Brakstad, announced that they would be entering into a strategic cooperation agreement from the 2023 season. Under this agreement, Ulrich Lemmens will work closely with Pigeon Vitality AS to help develop new products and improve existing ones. The agreement will give Pigeon Vitality AS access to Ulrich Lemmens’ extensive knowledge of pigeon racing and breeding, which the company hopes will help them to create even better products and schedules for pigeon performance in future.

Overall, the strategic cooperation between Ulrich Lemmens and Pigeon Vitality AS is a great example of how collaboration can benefit both individuals and companies. By working together, they can combine their knowledge and expertise to create products that will help pigeon fanciers to breed and train better racing pigeons. This will not only benefit the pigeon racing community, but it will also give healthier pigeons, better return from races and thereby help to strengthen the overall reputation of the sport.

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