Testimonial – Else Austad Brakstad

Else Austad Brakstad: 

The Passionate Pigeon Racer Behind «Brakstad, 086 Bangsbo»

For Else Austad Brakstad, racing pigeons isn’t just a hobby – it’s a way of life. As the caretaker of the young birds for Team Krogen, 086 Bangsbo, she race their young birds under her name «Brakstad, 086 Bangsbo». Else is a vital member of the team, responsible for nurturing and training schedules for the  YB pigeons. 

Brakstad’s love of pigeons began at a young age, and she’s been racing them for over a decade. She’s dedicated countless hours to honing her skills and knowledge of the sport, always striving to improve her techniques and raise the bar for her birds. She is a pioneer and co-owner of the company Pigeon Vitality together with her husband Dr. Frode Brakstad. So she is following the breeding and race schedules of Pigeon Vitality: https://pigeonvitality.com/product-information/schedules/

But for Brakstad, pigeon racing isn’t just about winning. It’s about the bond she shares with her feathered friends, and the joy of watching them soar through the sky with speed and grace. She takes pride in caring for her birds with the utmost attention to detail, from their diet and exercise regimen to their living conditions and medical care.

As a member of Team Krogen, Else is part of a tight-knit community of pigeon racers and friends all over the world who share her passion and dedication. Together with the Team Krogen (Aage Moeller Jensen, Bjarne Nielsen and Frode Brakstad) , they work to raise and train the best possible birds, and support each other through the ups and downs of the racing season.

For Brakstad, racing pigeons is more than just a hobby or a sport – it’s a way of life that brings her joy and fulfillment every day. And with her commitment to excellence and her deep love for her birds, there’s no doubt that she’ll continue to make a name for herself in the world of pigeon racing for years to come.

Below pictures from the promising 2023 generation of young birds and some of her results from last season (YB Ace pigeons and her section (053) no. 1 Championship trophy for 2022 won by the maximum 4000 points possible.

We wish you all the best also for the coming 2023 season with the Young Birds, Else!

Kind regards,

The Team Krogen

Test Centre for Pigeon Vitality 

The first 2023 YBs placed in the YB loft

Else’s (Brakstad, 086 Bangsbo) YB Ace pigeons in the 053’s YB Championship 

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