‘Super Crack’

Super Crack

Super Crack – The Champion Racer & Breeder

There have been many outstanding racers and breeders in the history of the sport of pigeon racing.

As well as those gems who combined the gold of the breeder and the silver of the racer.

But has there been any greater than the French born Super Crack? None, would be an opinion held by many across the world wide pigeon racing community.

The fancier, Robert Venus, bought this pigeon from a fancier called Crusson in 1974 after its marvellous racing career, and shortly afterwards bought all of the pigeons bloodlines. Crusson had initially bought the pigeon from a friend, named Hovaere, thinking that it was a hen.

Super Crack (ring 457421-68) is a legend of the sport and the legend continues to grow. Yes, the sport has had many pigeons capable of being dubbed a legend, some of which we shall look at in due time but in the opinion of authoritative pigeon folk Super Crack Crusson is number one! The only pigeon deserving of the title bestowed upon him arising from extraordinary flying exploits and breeding productivity.

All this from a pigeon which in the mind of one past owner was born a hen but which in time was found to be a cock of small proportions and lacking a pedigree. Allegedly a mysterious bird of origin who in due course would stamp its name forever in the annals of pigeon racing not alone in Europe but throughout the globe.

This small blue bar in races between 150 and 650 miles had 11 first prizes which included 3 first Nationals from St. Vincent 1972, Barcelona 1974, and Narbonne in 1974; 2 in which he was the only bird home against thousands. In total 46 good positions in 4 years including 43 positions in the first 10. On one occasion Super Crack finished 2nd National and was beaten by his son when both arrived together. What a record! As for his breeding accomplishments which are also outstanding: Super Crack is now apparently responsible for 120 National winners and approximately 20 1st International winners, as sire and grand sire. In fact he sired at least 8 National winners.

Apparently Super Crack, psychologically, was of a good disposition, a character of which Robert Venus (as its final owner) has been known to speak of as if he was a son. Needless to say Crusson was literally flabbergasted by his then pigeon’s racing ability for apparently prior to racing he was not impressed by his purchase. It should also be noted that this blue blooded thoroughbred was raced out of a Province of France that was included in the Belgium National results. On another occasion
he won a distance event which was his fourth 1st National but sadly, Gerald and Michel Van Hee finished in second place to Super Crack and petitioned the Belgium organization to have the French province eliminated from the results. Thus Van Hee was awarded the race and Super Crack was allocated a provincial victory.

Finally it is reckoned by Super Crack enthusiasts that in about 48 countries descendants of this powerful pigeon are winning at all distances. Upon residing at the Venus lofts a descendent is Prins who was sire to: 1st. International Pau 1994; 1st. National Pau; 2nd National Pau 98; 11th. International Pau plus other super racers and breeders! Then there is Claudia Schiffer the number one hen and full sister to Prins who was dam and grand dam to 1st National winners and champion breeders! Not forgetting Super Crack 305 who bred 1st International Tarbes, 5008 pigeons, as well as 6th International and 9th International on other occasions.

Yes, this is what dreams are made of and the lesson for every fancier is that handling and ones eye can overlook a genius in pigeon terms. They come in all shapes and sizes and although we have to seek a norm or standard we must realize that there are exceptions to the norm and the standard. That is what makes pigeon racing so enchanting.

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