Lactic acid is an organic compound with the formula CH3CH(OH)COOH. In its liquid state, it is clear.

Compared to acetic acid, lactic acid deprotonates ten times more easily than acetic acid does.

In 1856, Louis Pasteur discovered Lactobacillus and its role in the making of lactic acid. Lactic acid fermentation is performed by lactic acid bacteria in the pigeons intestines, which protect against pathogenic bacteria.  This is the reason for the benefits of adding probiotics (lactic acid bacteria) to the feed or drinking water of the pigeons. By introducing the lactic acid (which is produced by probiotics/lactic acid bacteria) continuously for a period in the drinking water, the effect will be the same as for giving live potent

cultures of probiotics.

As a food additive lactic acid is approved “all over”, including EU, USA and Australia and New Zealand as a food preservative.

We found in our laboratory and field test that the combination of lactic acid and our best seller Improver, has a tremendous effect on young bird disease as the disease had much less effect on young birds if they were given this product in the drinking water. We decided therefore to call this new product AdenoS.

AdenoS does NOT kill the virus. However, the combination of the natural organic acids and vitamins in Improver, seems to reduce the bloom of E.coli when the pigeons are exposed to the Adeno Virus, and thereby taking the burden from the young birds. After 1-2 weeks the YB survive and develop immunity to the virus. We also found that it was beneficial to mix AdenoS with our electrolyte Belgamax for the treatment:


For young birds showing signs of adenovirus i.e. womiting and reluctance to train. Use in water 5 ml/ liter in  5-6 days or until symtoms are absent. Preferably combine with electrolytes as e.g. Belgamax, 1 teaspoon per litre water.


PROPHYLACTIC (to avoid disease):

Give AdenoS 5 ml / liter 3-4 successive days each week. In racing season give

3-4 successive days after race. Can be mixed with other Pigeon Vitality products !


The product is on stock already!

The recommended retail price is 30 euro for 500 ml




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