Great Pigeon Vitality Products experience from Finland

Pigeon Vitality Products

FinlandHere is my experience on Tricoli stop, Improver and Antifungal.

The Improver and Antifungal were familiar to me. I have always used  them when the young pigeons got diseases. I do not like to use antibiotics, that’s why I choose Pigeon Vitality products.

This summer I have had problems in the loft. Old pigeons flew about half an hour, and the young birds were not able to fly at all. And the competitions were coming. My situation wasn’t looking good.

I contacted the Danish office of Pigeon Vitality and ordered the products. Fortunately I got the products next day.

I gave one TriColi-STOP to each pigeon. I came back to the loft about four hours after that and let the pigeons out to fly. I was surprised when the pigeons were flying more than two hours, both old and young birds.

I was so happy and called Mr. Martin Hansen and I thanked him a lot for the awesome products.

A couple of days ago we started racing With the first race of my young birds flew 113 km in 1016 m/min and the next race 85 km in 1156 m/min.
I give my birds Improver and Antifungal every day and once a week  MultiVitra and Oxy-B.

Best regards,
Ismail Haji

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