Great marathon results in Romania – using Pigeon Vitality products!


Mr. Mihai Marica thank Pigeon Vitality for giving natural health and resistance to his entire colony with the product from Pigeon Vitality!

He writes to us and tell us about when he and his brother made a crazy decision and basketed their entire marathon team on the longest distance this season.

They basket 14 pigeons to the International race from Tartu, Estonia – 1565 km! Result: 2-4-7-8 Region!


The pigeons were released Sunday, July 30th at 05:20 am, in the north wind, that would help the pigeons to fly more than 1100 km in the release day.

The second day at 15:28. The Marica brothers clocked their first pigeon and won the 2nd place in their Region (125 loft basket 377 pigeons) and 20th International from 1149 pigeons! At 16:16 their second pigeon arrived and won the 4th place in the region and 24th International!

The third day in the morning they had two early arrivals at 06:24 and 06:40, 7th and 8th Region and 44 & 46 International!!!

As they are writing they are still waiting for the other 10 to arrive; the race is open for ten days (race rules). They expect it to be hard, but they are so happy with the result so far!

They tell us that they live in the South of Romania, all the otters competitiors except 8th, 22nd, and 36th live far away from them. Their pigeons flew 1850 km because the wind forces them to bypass the Carpathian Mountains.


Big congratulations on your impressive results and thank you for the feedback! – The Pigeon Vitality Team

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