General Antibiotics

AntibioticsAny fancier would be well advised to have a good general group of antibiotic in his medicine chest. They can be useful as “first choice” drugs if and when problems occur. General antibiotics are effective against a broad range of both gram positive and negative bacteria.

But excessive use of them can really damage or even destroy the natural micro flora of the bird.
The bird will create an immunity against the positive effects of the antibiotics, and when sick almost nothing will help.

Make sure to have different type of antibiotics with different ingredients in it, then vary the use of them. 

Our veterinarian suggest a use of Improver together with AntiFungal as it is the best natural ‘green antibiotic’ and will have the same effect that any antibiotic, but will leave the good bacteria in contact with the birds and keep the natural balance of the pigeon intact.  An accidental over use of Improver, AntiFungal or Oxy-B will do no harm to the birds.

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