Picture of the Technology Centre in Porsgrunn where Pigeon Vitality has one of the local offices and their production and stock

Pigeon Vitality AS

The company Pigeon Vitality was founded in 2001 by Dr. Frode Brakstad. Frode emphasises his motto; ”Advantages through Research”

In the 90s Frode worked as R & D manager in Norsk Hydro’s Animal Nutrition group. Being a dedicated fancier, Frode noticed that some of the natural organic acids they worked with in Norsk Hydro had a remarkable effect on his pigeons zest for flying. Thus he saw a new business opportunity for combining his professional interest for
nutritional feed additives and his racing pigeon hobby, and Pigeon Vitality ws founded.

By some experiments he formulated and patent protected the product Improver, still a world-wide best seller in the Pigeon sport. Improver acts as a "green antibiotics", i.e. inhibit and kill the pathogenic bacteria while it at same time stimultate the good lactic acid bacteria. Since the launch of Improver, the products AntiFungal,
Oxy-B, Belgamax, MultiViTra and TriColi STOP has been developed one by one to fulfil the complete need of feed additives for racing pigeons.

More and more fanciers word wide are using the schedule of Pigeon Vitality products, both because of its simplicity and because of the remarkable effect on pigeon’s performance.

Our headquarter are in still in Porsgrunn, a small city south-east in Norway. In addition to having many partners all across the globe for the purpose of the racing pigeon, the management team of Pigeon Vitality are
all dedicated fancier (see description under management team). This makes it easy for us to test and judge new innovations and products before they eventually are launched into the market.
We decided also very early, in order to make the best effort to provide the best racing pigeon products on the market, to cooperate with the best pigeon fanciers all across the world to test our products and their effect
on their youngsters and old pigeons. Their feed-back has been very important for the product development since our start up.

Our main strategy has always been to support our domestic resellers, and we are at present available on all continents. An additonal online webshop has been then made to reach all pigeon fanciers in any country who
wants better results and better health for their racing pigeons. Our Facebook site (facebook/pigeonvitality) has also become a popular source for information and advises on pigeon nutritional and health matter for many fanciers.

With many reported victories in international, national, seminational, provincial and club races word wide by our customers (see reference page) from 2001 until today, we belive that our company and the Pigeon Vitality natural Products make a difference in the racing pigeons sport.