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Get on board, and become our distributor. We have put together a starter pack to make it easy for you.

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What does our customers say?

“Fantastic products for the birds health. And bringing your bird into top condition and I wouldn’t be without them.”

Thomas Blair / Facebook

“I used your canker product to great effect. Excellent product! The anti-fungal product is super as well!”

Jance / Facebook

“They are in top condition… I know by looking at my bird’s they seem to be a far stronger looking bird on it. I have been given my bird’s Pigeon Vitality from December last year and they are bouncing out of their skin the aviaries. 

James Quigley / Facebook

Improver and AntiFungalthe best!!!”

Nicole Deldoc Batol / Facebook

“Very good products… Well balanced. Both for performance and yearly maintenance… Appreciable…”

Sujit Chakraborty / Facebook

I have tested the TriColi-Stop by taking a crop swap on 3 pigeons and then recording the results. All 3 had mild canker (3/10 severity) and have never been treated before.

We then gave them TriColi-Stop and tested them 1 hour and 20 minutes later. All 3 were clear and I saw a few dead canker/tricomonas floating around.

We are very impressed with the product!


Robert Swanepoel / Facebook

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is required to become a distributor of your products?
There are two ways, contact us or purchase the starter pack.
1. To become a distributor for Pigeon Vitality products you will have to purchase a minimum of 50 products.
On approval a price-list will be sent to you outlining the resellers purchase prices of each product.
2. You can also purchase our distributor stater package, and get 50% of the order + free shipping. After the order we will contact you with more details on how to purchase as a distributor on right here on our website.
Cupong: “Healthypigeons50”  50% of first order + free shipping, will be added automatically to your cart when purchasing Distributor Starter Pack. If products are not sold within expiry date,these may be sent back to us for our cost – and new products will be sent.
As your Distribution partner we will we will take care of production, international marketing and patent costs, while the reseller will be responsible for any domestic marketing cost.
Sign up now or purchase the starter package and we will get in touch with more in information. Or send us some information abour yourself and your interest (, and we can set up a distributors agreement.
What about import taxes and VAT?
Ordering from Denmark:
VAT will be automatically added to your order.
Rest of the world:
Domestic VAT will be added from the custom’s authorities.
The custom on Pigeon Products varies from country to country.
I have more product related question.
You can find detailed information about each product on the product pages. You can also watch videos discussing each product in detail under each product on the product page.
We also advice you to check out our F&Q /product-information/frequently-asked-questions/
If you have a specific question or would like more information please contact us or sign up and and we will get back to you.