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General Antibiotics

Any fancier would be well advised to have a good general group of antibiotic in his medicine chest. They can be useful as “first choice” drugs if and when problems occur. General antibiotics are effective against a broad range of both gram positive and negative bacteria. But excessive use of them can really damage or […]

Using medicine the right way

Using medicine

To achieve the top condition of breeders and racers, a sound use of medicine has became a must in our sport. In general, overuse of medicine will in long term destroy the natural immunity of  your birds and reduce performance, both breeding and racing. Reduced performance in breeding will affect the next generation of birds on […]

An interview with Aage Møller Jensen & Frode Brakstad

Aage Møller Jensen

026 Fladstrand, Section 053,Denmark The partnership Jenssen & Brakstad is the field testing loft of Pigeon Vitality AS. Only Pigeon Vitalitys biproducts are used in this loft, and all new products are tested by this partnership before commercial lauching. Last year, the 2011 season, they got the new MultiViTra product for testing. This was the […]

Pigeon Vitality 2012 Test Loft

Pigeon Vitality

Summing up the 2012 results for Pigeon Vitality test loft Dear all: The 2012 season has been history, for Aage and myself (Jensen & Brakstad, 053) the season turned out well, with the following championships won: 1st Open Championchip in District (section 053). This covers all races organized by our section (based on 1st pigeon […]



The management Team of Pigeon Vitality all sent their YBs to the South African Million Dollar Race….and guess what: In the final last week Mrs. Marianne Walente and her fiance Mr. Snorre Lindberg got a very impressing 16th position in this 553 km (343.62 miles) race with their pigeon Dallas Texas, see: Furthermore, our […]

News! TriColi-STOP™


TriColi-STOP™ – A major breakthrough and discovery in the pigeon sport for many years! A capsule developed by nutrition experts, scientifically tested and ready for the Pigeon World! Effect: Only 1 capsule of Tricoli-STOP: Suppresses 99.8 % of Trichomonas / Canker within 3 hours! Suppresses the E-Coli in the pigeon within hours! Rapidly improves the condition of the […]

Great feedback from South Africa!

Hi Frode My name is Mark Raubenheimer from South Africa and I am a constant user of the Vitality products which were introduced to me by a friend a few years ago. I have experience an amazing vitality and zest for flying since then, and I am the current champion in KZN. I consider the […]

The Nutrition of the Racing Pigeons

In all countries, knowledge about the nutrition of the racing pigeons has been revisited many times. Bringing argument between nutritionists &  veterinarians on who has said or discovered something first. Let’s be clear, the nutrition of the racing pigeons is a subject that will feed our thought over and over again, unitl perfection. But meanwhile […]

History of Improver

A brief background This very concentrated product, a solid buffer of organic acid and inorganic salt, was originally developed to improve health conditions in European pig and chicken breeding. The aim was to develop an environmentally friendly growth-promoter as an alternative to the prevailing abuse of antibiotics. The goal was to optimise the health of […]

The Effect of Improver and AntiFungal

The effect on performance Greater zest for flying, vitality and improved condition are observed in racing pigeons that have been given Improver in their drinking water. Research on pigs and chickens indicates that this is probably due to: -stimulation of natural bacterial flora and natural resistance -stimulation of enzymes, and more efficient absorption of nutrients […]